MOJIETU Lighting: Your Smart Portable Inflator

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MOJIETU Lighting promises to reduce our time and energy waste when we have a flat tire. It’s quite small, compact, and lightweight, making it highly portable.

The product has so far managed to crowdfund $434,007 against the $500 goal, with 7,308 backpackers.

MOJIETU Lightning: What is it and How it Works

MOJIETU Lightning, a product of Roidmi, is a handheld and highly portable tire inflator that is redefining how we inflate tires. With just one click and no sweat-breaking, you can inflate your car or bike’s tires within minutes. It takes only 9 minutes to inflate a 195/55/R15 tire size. 

The inflator uses an in-built pressure gauge that automatically detects the pressure level of the tire. All you need to do is connect it to the valve of the tire. It has a large, bright, and easy to read in the dark LCD screen that will show you the correct readings.

Monitoring the pressure levels when inflating makes it easy for you to know when the pressure is enough. Also, the Auto Stop at Present Pressure feature ensures that the tire doesn’t over-inflate, even when you are not looking.

It has four working modes, each with a present pressure range and value. These smart modes suit different inflation styles for cars, bikes, balls, and motorbikes. There are four nozzles in total; Ball needle adaptor, Plastic nozzle adaptor, Presta valve adaptor, and Schrader valve for multiple uses.

Its 2.6Ah Lithium battery is fast charging and longlasting. On a full charge, it can charge a car tire up to 6 times, a motorcycle tire up to 7 times, and a bike tire up to 9 times.

The LED inbuild lights make it easy for you to inflate in the dark. It also has a mode for a warning light that alerts oncoming vehicles, reducing accidents. Another useful light mode is the SOS which makes it safer for night-time emergencies.

Meet The Team Behind MOJIETU Lighting

ROIDMI, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, is based in China with operations across 60 countries. The company made its debut in 2015 with the production of smart cordless vacuum cleaners. The company has 6 international awards for the vacuum cleaner’s designs and is now entering the automatic industry with cutting edge designs.

Its MOJIETU brand includes two other smart products in the automotive industry. The P8S air purifier for cars and the 2S car charger already have 2 complete crowdfunding campaigns. The latest campaign for the smart inflator, MOJIETU Lighting, will save time and energy spent inflating a tire or balls.

Pros and cons of MOJIETU Lighting


  • Fast inflating
  • An inbuilt pressure gauge
  • SOS emergency lights
  • Bright LED lights for night vision
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Preset pressure feature prevents over-inflating
  • Comes with 4 nozzles for multiple situations


  • Costly – there are cheaper options in the market, going for less than $50
  • No tested time of how long it will last with a charge when stored

If you need a small, compact, and lightweight inflator for your car’s tire, bike, balls, or even inflatable mattress, MOJIETU Lighting can be an excellent option. It also comes with a safety feature for the road. The SOS emergency and the Warning lighting modes are very reliable at night. But, if you are looking for budget-friendly options, there are other models like the Gehuay’s inflator in the market to consider.