Naboo Pioneering the Future of Corporate Seminars with a €7.5M Boost

In a remarkable stride towards redefining the corporate seminar landscape, Paris-based startup Naboo has clinched a €7.5 million funding round, backed by a consortium of visionaries including ISAI, Kima Ventures, Better Angle, alongside longstanding partners CapHorn and Maif Avenir. This infusion of capital is earmarked for elevating the platform’s functionalities, with a keen focus on integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and scaling its footprint across Europe.

Emerging in 2022, Naboo has swiftly upended the conventional event planning paradigm, offering a comprehensive, one-click solution for corporate offsites. This platform is a game-changer, enabling seamless bookings of accommodations, workspaces, catering, activities, transport, and the nuanced touches that elevate any stay.

The French corporate seminar industry, valued at €9 billion in 2022 by Ernst & Young, is witnessing a robust growth trajectory, partly fueled by the shift towards remote work and the ensuing need for enhanced team cohesion. Naboo’s arrival coincides with a burgeoning demand for more intimate, team-centric seminars over traditional, large-scale corporate gatherings. These evolving preferences dovetail with a growing appetite for eco-friendly and locally sourced seminar options, reflecting a broader commitment to sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Naboo’s breakthrough lies in its tech-driven approach, offering a transparent, instantaneous booking experience—a stark contrast to the quote-based, opaque practices that have long characterized the B2B event space. With a portfolio of over 2500 venues and 500 partners, Naboo empowers companies to tailor unique seminar packages at transparent, upfront costs.

Maxime Eduardo, Co-founder and CEO of Naboo, reflects on the company’s journey, “We’re astounded by the traction Naboo has gained, especially with leading corporations now choosing us for their seminar needs. Our unique selling point—unprecedented customization coupled with instant booking—has turned first-time clients into staunch advocates. This competitive advantage is propelled by our strategic investment in AI and data analytics.”

Naboo distinguishes itself not just through technology but also by ensuring the quality and distinctiveness of its offerings. Through rigorous audits and certifications, Naboo guarantees an unmatched balance of quality and value across its 2500 venues and 500 service providers. This emphasis on quality, combined with the leverage of data and AI, positions Naboo as a disruptor in the corporate seminar market, attracting top-tier clients like EDF, Payfit, Google, Chanel, Ikea, and many others.

Since its inception in 2022, Naboo has not only surpassed the €1 million revenue milestone within its second quarter of 2023 but also achieved an Annualized Gross Booking Value of over €18 million. Following an initial €2 million funding round in early 2022, the recent €7.5 million will fuel Naboo’s ambitious growth trajectory and further technological innovation, aiming to streamline and enhance the user experience.

François Collet, General Partner at ISAI, comments on Naboo’s success, “In a rapidly expanding market, Naboo has introduced a model that resonates with both traditional and new clients. We’re confident that this year’s achievements are merely the beginning of a transformative journey in the seminar industry.”