Raw Stadia Lands €1.5M for Athlete Performance Innovation

Belgian sports tech sensation Raw Stadia is making waves in the sports industry with its fresh injection of €1.5 million in capital. Based in Hasselt, this dynamic startup is on a mission to transform how professional sports teams harness playing field conditions to boost athlete performance. The investment, pooling resources from heavyweights like LRM, Noshaq, LeanSquare, and prominent figures such as football legend Jan Vertonghen and JBC CEO Bart Claes, is setting the stage for Raw Stadia’s global expansion.

Launched in 2018 by Jan Stryckers and Reece Watson, Raw Stadia’s groundbreaking technology is already a game-changer for elite clubs like Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, and several others, including top sports federations. Their platform provides unparalleled insights into how playing surfaces influence athlete performance and risk of injury, paving the way for a new era in sports analytics.

Jan Vertonghen, Belgium’s most celebrated footballer, is more than just an investor; he’s a fervent advocate for Raw Stadia’s tech. His excitement is palpable: “Raw Stadia’s potential is sky-high. It’s not just an investment; it’s about reshaping the sports landscape. I can’t wait to see how it elevates athlete performance.”

Jan Stryckers, the driving force behind Raw Stadia, emphasizes the strategic value of this funding. “It’s a boost for our ambition to scale globally, particularly in the US. Our vision is clear – to empower sports teams worldwide with our technology. This investment fortifies our leadership in the sports tech arena.”

With the US market in its crosshairs, Raw Stadia isn’t just sticking to football. The company is poised to adapt its tech for a variety of sports, from cricket to American football. The interest from the NFL alone speaks volumes about the potential of their platform.

Bart Claes, an NFL aficionado and a business maestro, brings a unique perspective to the table. His faith in data and tech to mitigate injury risks in high-stakes sports is a testament to the platform’s relevance in today’s sports world.

To steer this growth, Raw Stadia has bolstered its team with two key hires – Thomas Vander Auwermeulen as COO and Tristan Selis leading commercial operations. They’re not just expanding the team; they’re ramping up their operations and marketing strategies, especially for their ventures overseas.

Raw Stadia’s innovative approach combines a SaaS platform for Pitch/Surface Analytics with bespoke hardware solutions. This synergy enables teams to correlate field characteristics with player performance metrics. For clubs, leagues, and federations, this means being proactive in field testing and data analysis, ensuring optimal conditions for both training and match days.

In summary, Raw Stadia isn’t just raising capital; it’s raising the bar in sports tech. By linking field conditions with athlete performance, they’re setting a new standard in sports analytics. With a diverse and influential set of investors, an expanding global footprint, and a clear vision for the future, Raw Stadia is on track to redefine how we understand and enhance athlete performance.