Retorio Raises €9M Series A for AI Coaching Platform Growth

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing corporate coaching, Munich-based Retorio has secured €9 million in Series A funding. The investment aims to propel the expansion of their cutting-edge personalized AI coaching platform. SquareOne, a Berlin-based VC firm focusing on B2B tech, leads this round, joined by notable investors like Porsche Ventures and Storm Ventures, among others.

Retorio’s core offering revolves around its proprietary Behavioral Intelligence, a pioneering technology employing video analysis to pinpoint and cultivate successful behaviors within sales, service, and leadership teams. Notably, five of Germany’s top ten most profitable companies have leveraged Retorio to drive rapid and cost-effective performance enhancements among their workforce.

Dr. Christoph Hohenberger, Co-CEO of Retorio, emphasized the transformative impact of their personalized AI coaching on global enterprises. He highlighted its capacity to identify and propagate successful behaviors throughout organizations, enabling swift adaptation to evolving market dynamics and heightened competitiveness. The company’s exponential revenue growth, coupled with robust investor interest, paves the way for their imminent foray into the US market.

Established in 2018, Retorio’s AI coach seamlessly integrates into employees’ workflows, offering tailored virtual training sessions triggered by CRM or HRIS systems. These sessions prepare sales teams for customer meetings and furnish managers with resources for performance appraisals. The learning content, generated through AI from real-life scenarios, empowers sales and service personnel with custom and current training, ensuring preparedness for upcoming engagements. Retorio envisions using AI as a catalyst to unleash individuals’ untapped potential and foster their optimal performance.

Charlotte Baumhauer, Investment Manager at SquareOne, lauded Retorio’s AI technology for unlocking untapped growth avenues in companies. Leveraging behavioral data, Retorio significantly amplifies a company’s sales performance on a scalable level.

Beyond major German corporations, Retorio caters to a global clientele encompassing American, British, and Asian enterprises across diverse industries like automotive, insurance, telecommunications, and logistics. The company’s clients recognize the pivotal role employee presentations play in business success. With AI-powered coaching, they bridge skill and motivation gaps, collect pertinent behavioral data, and chart their organizational evolution.

Dr. Patrick Oehler, founder and co-CEO of Retorio, stressed the humanizing role of AI in refining interpersonal skills. Their technology, centered on employee empowerment, fosters self-awareness and growth by enabling individuals to fine-tune their interactions with customers and colleagues. The digital coach, drawing insights from thousands of peers, offers constructive feedback to foster personal and professional development.

Retorio’s strategic funding infusion signifies a significant leap forward in leveraging AI for corporate coaching, aligning with their vision to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their utmost potential.