Seasony Secures €1.5M to Revolutionize Vertical Farming with Mobile Robotics

Copenhagen’s own Seasony is making waves in the agricultural tech world with their latest financial triumph. They’ve successfully secured €1.5 million in investments, thanks to the leadership of North Ventures and EFIO (Export and Investment Fund of Denmark) and the backing of notable business angels like Vagn Ove Soerensen and Torben Wind. This significant funding marks a new chapter for Seasony and the vertical farming industry.

Seasony’s journey started in 2018, aiming to integrate the advanced mobile robotics seen in Amazon’s warehouses into the more traditional world of indoor farming. Their innovative approach offers a flexible, cost-efficient, and automated alternative to conventional farming methods. At the heart of their technology is Watney, a state-of-the-art mobile robot designed to handle both the heavy lifting and the intricate analysis of plant health in vertical farms. Named after John Deere, a symbol of pioneering in agriculture, Watney represents a new era in farming efficiency and productivity.

Watney’s capabilities extend far beyond mere physical labor. It’s equipped to manage tasks like moving plant trays on towering 10-meter shelves and transporting them across different stations. What’s truly revolutionary about Watney, however, is its ability to analyze each plant with incredible detail and precision, boosting productivity and optimizing space utilization in vertical farms.

Seasony’s technology is a potential game-changer in the vertical farming industry. Their robots are equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms that allow early intervention in the farming process. This means that plants get exactly what they need, whether it’s water, nutrients, light, or CO2, ensuring the best possible growth conditions and maximizing yield in limited spaces.

With this new round of funding, Seasony is poised to accelerate its product development and venture into new markets, specifically targeting the Middle East and North America. These regions have shown a growing interest in innovative agricultural technologies, making them ripe for Seasony’s expansion.

Christopher Weis Thomasen, co-founder and CEO of Seasony, has expressed his gratitude for the investment and the support of the investors. He sees this funding as a crucial step towards driving innovation in vertical farming robotics and achieving a sustainable and resilient food system.

Seasony’s success in securing this investment is not just a win for the company but a promising development for the future of agriculture. As the world faces increasing challenges in food security and sustainable resource management, innovations like Watney could be key to a more efficient and sustainable approach to farming.

The future looks bright for Seasony as they continue to innovate and grow. Their story is one to watch, as it may redefine the way we approach farming and food production in the years to come.