Silverflow Raises €15 Million for Payment Tech Expansion

In a significant development in the fintech sector, Silverflow, an Amsterdam-based payment processing technology company, has recently announced a €15 million investment. This funding, led by Global Paytech Ventures and joined by Picus Capital, Coatue, Crane Venture Partners, Inkef, and several angel investors, marks a considerable valuation increase since their Series A in 2021.

The capital infusion is earmarked for an ambitious plan: to fast-track Silverflow’s expansion on a global scale. This follows their strategic move into the US and APAC markets earlier this year, where they quickly established new customer contracts, demonstrating their global appeal and market viability.

Silverflow stands out in the crowded payment processing landscape with its cloud-native solution that simplifies the entire transaction process. Its platform, characterized by a single API connection to card networks, offers an innovative approach to payment processing. This not only reduces costs and complexities but also enriches the data available to customers, fostering an environment for innovation. Within just four years, Silverflow has attracted major clients in Europe, North America, and APAC, including big names like Deutsche Bank, Transaction Services, Buckaroo, PAYABL., and Intergiro.

Endorsements from industry heavyweights further bolster Silverflow’s market position. Javier Perez, the former CEO of Mastercard Europe and Founder & Managing Director of Global Paytech Ventures, expressed his enthusiasm for leading this investment round. He highlighted Silverflow’s unique capability in providing a modern, secure, and efficient payments processing platform for various players in the industry. Florian Reichert of Picus Capital echoed this sentiment, praising Silverflow’s best-in-class solution that disrupts the payment processing market.

Silverflow’s recognition of a crucial market gap has been key to its success. While many fintech disruptors have focused on front-end improvements, Silverflow identified the need for innovation in backend payment processing, an area running on nearly 40-year-old technology. By creating a brand-new approach, Silverflow has opened doors for acquirers, PSPs, PayFacs, and large merchants to access a platform that consolidates all card scheme data and innovative functionality in one easy-to-use system.

In conclusion, Silverflow’s successful funding round is more than just a financial milestone. It represents a significant leap in the evolution of payment processing technology. With its innovative cloud-based platform, Silverflow is not just expanding globally but is also reshaping how businesses handle digital transactions. This advancement positions Silverflow as a key player in the fintech space, setting new standards for efficiency, simplicity, and user-friendliness in payment processing. As they continue to grow and innovate, Silverflow is poised to redefine the digital financial services landscape.