Streamlining Investment Crowdfunding with Dalmore Group’s Tech Approach

Dalmore Group, a broker-dealer specializing in exempt securities offerings, has revolutionized online capital formation. By harnessing technology, Dalmore facilitates seamless fundraising for companies while ensuring complete control over the investment crowdfunding process. Supporting various securities exemptions like Reg CF, Reg D, and Reg A+, Dalmore has showcased impressive performance, notably raising over $250 million for companies between July and November 2023.

The platform’s recent highlight was October’s standout achievement, amassing $70.2 million in fundraising—a testament to the efficacy of collective efforts and trust in crowdfunding, as stated by Dalmore’s founder and Chairman, Etan Butler.

Dalmore boasts a track record of aiding over 1000 companies in raising a staggering $1 billion since its inception. With more than 300 Reg A+ clients reported for 2023, the company continues to establish itself as a go-to platform for capital raising.

Introducing “Dalmore Connect,” a novel feature allowing issuers to launch their own capital raise app or web marketplace, marks the platform’s commitment to simplifying investment processes akin to e-commerce. In a recent discussion, Butler emphasized the platform’s appeal to companies seeking funding outside the confines of traditional venture capital terms.

2023, despite its challenges, has witnessed Dalmore’s model resonating with firms seeking capital, empowering retail investors to participate through Reg A and Reg CF. Butler draws attention to the limitations of solely relying on venture capital, citing instances where even sophisticated investors backed failed ventures, underscoring the significance of retail investor involvement.

The platform envisions a “Shopify model” for capital markets, offering a user-friendly launchpad for issuers with diverse features. Butler emphasizes their activity in an industry they deem relatively small while advocating for the sophistication of Reg A and Reg CF exemptions, especially for startups, an understanding he feels founders still lack.

As the industry matures, Butler observes a growing appreciation among founders for online fundraising benefits, facilitating repeat funding rounds not just for startups but also across real estate, collectibles, debt, art, royalties, and more. Dalmore’s aim remains to simplify the process without compromising compliance, making private alternative investments easily accessible.

Dalmore anticipates a surge in Reg CF issuers, viewing it as a stepping stone for Reg A or Reg D offerings. Butler underscores their focus on establishing compliance best practices while fostering innovation, acknowledging the regulators’ role in ensuring investor protection.

Streamlining the investment process doesn’t imply simplicity but reducing friction by crafting digital-centric tools within regulatory frameworks. Butler remains optimistic about Dalmore’s future, hinting at significant upcoming announcements while maintaining a relentless commitment to enhance crowdfunding technology.

In summary, Dalmore Group continues to reshape investment crowdfunding, leveraging technology to create a user-friendly, compliant, and accessible platform. As the industry evolves, Dalmore remains at the forefront, heralding a promising future for online capital formation.