Tidbyt Unveils a New and Digital Retro Display Device

Tidbyt The Retro Display

How would you like to track the things that matter to you without scrolling endlessly on your mobile device?

With the plethora of applications we all have on our smartphones, it can get overwhelming to just search for the basics. The option of viewing everything you care about, from the time to the availability of your next ride is a dream we all want to live.

Luckily, tech enthusiasts are forever discovering ways to these dreams come true.

Tidbyt, Inc. a New York-based company is currently on the last leg of crowdfunding for its Retro Display, a gadget that displays all your favorite information on one screen. This way, you can easily keep up with all the important information without having to scroll through tons of apps on your phone.

Tidbyt is a small and compact walnut device that looks like a desk alarm clock. It can display just about any information you need, as long as it fits in 64 by 32 pixels display.

What you can currently follow:

  • The Basics- stocks, сrypto, clock, weather, Twitter, calendar
  • Just For Fun – custom messages, YouTube followers, photos & pixel art, Spotify current track
  • Getting Around – trains, bike shares, ferries

The developers are hoping to add other features on the screen, like buses, timers, Zapier, sports, and countdown. Better still, just write a code, if you can, and push for new items you would like added through the Tidbyt API.

With the available Tidbyt app, you are able to personalize your Tidbyt to meet your needs. As such, every Tidbyt is as unique as the user. If you want to schedule a display for train rides, you just need to set that and you are good to go. If you want to view your Spotify’s current song or your calendar for the day, you’ve got it.

To ensure you have a view of every app you have selected, Tidbyt cycles through each of these apps, one at a time. However, you can schedule for the apps to run at different times all at once or in a particular sequence. You can also set how fast the display changes between 5, 10, or 15 seconds.

You can also bring it to bed with you. Its night mode makes the screen ultra-dim, ensuring you get the good night’s sleep you deserve without any light disturbing you.

You can back the project with the early bird price of $159.00, a 20% discount on the retail price, and a shipping date of September. There are other retro display gadgets available in the market, but most available options on online stores like Etsy focus on retro digital clocks. If you want something with extra features and personalization options, you can back the Tidbyt project and wait for the shipment in September.

About the Team

Tidbyt is a New York-based company that designs and builds hardware. It was founded by Rohan Singh and Mats Linander, who have over a decade of professional in the tech industry,  working with some of the big tech companies in the world like Spotify, Facebook, and Starbucks.