Toopi Organics Transforming Agriculture Through Urine Upcycling

Toopi Organics, a French biotech startup, has secured €8.4 million from the EIC Accelerator, a prominent innovation program for deep tech startups in Europe. This funding, comprising a €2.4 million grant and €6 million in equity, marks a pivotal moment for Toopi Organics, aiming to extend their reach across the EU with their pioneering approach to plant biostimulants derived from human urine fermentation.

With an ambitious agenda ahead, Toopi Organics plans to conduct 120 agronomic trials across six target member states: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Their vision revolves around tapping into the vast potential of human urine, a resource often disregarded and flushed away, despite holding significant agricultural benefits.

“Urine is more than waste; it’s a resource waiting to be harnessed,” stated Alexandra Carpentier, CEO of Toopi Organics. “Our innovation lies in leveraging urine to cultivate microorganisms crucial for agriculture. These microbes can enhance soil quality, aid nutrient uptake by plants, and mitigate the reliance on traditional fertilizers, all while reducing our environmental footprint.”

Europe discards around 200 billion liters of urine annually, coupled with immense water wastage in flushing. Against the backdrop of escalating drought concerns and fertilizer dependencies, Toopi Organics sees urine as a potent solution to bridge the gap between consumers and farmers.

Toopi Organics isn’t just ideating; they’ve taken concrete steps towards their mission. Collaborating with various entities, including rest areas, theme parks, and event organizers, they’ve collected urine from nearly 2 million EU citizens. Their flagship product, Lactopi Start, has made strides in France and Belgium, securing approval for use in organic farming across five EU member states.

The company’s roadmap includes expanding production capabilities and introducing new urine-based biostimulants. Their recent Series A funding of €16 million aimed at constructing industrial sites in France and Belgium serves as a testament to their growth trajectory.

Looking ahead, Toopi Organics is set to establish full-scale industrial sites in France by 2025, followed by expansion into Belgium. The EIC Accelerator funding has elevated their aspirations, enabling exploration of diverse European needs, local crop testing, product exportation, and the potential establishment of two more factories within the EU.

Michael Roes, co-founder and President of Toopi Organics, highlights the company’s amplified vision. “We’re not just scaling operations; we’re scaling impact. With increased capacity and a broader reach, our efforts in urine collection, water preservation, and reducing fertilizer-related emissions will have a profound effect across the EU.”

In a short span since its founding in 2019, Toopi Organics has not just disrupted the conventional approach to agricultural practices but has set a course for a more sustainable and innovative future in farming methodologies.