Woonkly.com: Social Network Goes Decentralized Through NFTs

Undoubtedly, the NFT sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in 2021. According to NonFungible.com, NFT sales topped $2 billion in the first quarter of 2021, twenty times more than the volume attained in the last quarter of 2020. This figure doesn’t include sales generated from NBA Top Shots or even the $69M gotten from the auction of Beeple’s digital artwork in March. Statistic also showed that there was an imbalance of buyers to sellers, with a ratio of 73,000:33,000. 

In Q3, sales eclipsed $10Bn, more than eightfold of the previous quarter, according to DappRadar. The surging sales and massive prices on NFTs show the nature of the frenzied market. On many occasions, NFTs have often been cited as the driving factor of crypto prices, because digital assets are used to buy these digital items. This explosion further buttresses that NFTs have become a mainstay.

Blockchain has revolutionized the DeFi space, putting more power into the hands of content creators. Eleven years ago, nobody envisioned blockchain technology to evolve up to this point. The current stage of technology only explains that the world is all ready to embrace the next generation of decentralization. The affinity towards it is steadily growing, with companies leveraging it now more than ever to drive adoption. 

Woonkly NFT Takes the World of Decentralization to Another Level

Going decentralized is the vision and mission of every company. In the NFT world, being able to mint digital collectibles and sell them conveniently for profit is what artists desire. However, minting NFTs is not the easiest of all processes, even to the best professional. The time and energy put towards minting an NFT is alarming. 

Woonkly.com aims to take decentralization to the next level by bridging the gap between blockchain and the traditional world. Woonkly is a Spanish startup with a vision to decentralize social networking with AML protocols based on NFTs. These AML tools guarantees users and investors’ safety, and also, allows users to exchange tokens from across different chains.

The idea is to empower users to create Wookly NFTs, sell, and purchase at an auction. The beauty of Woonkly NFT is that you can create one in less than five minutes, upload and share your content to other users on the social network, and even earn advertising revenue. Ownership of digital items, including images, videos, virtual lands, etc., are recorded on the Woonkly chain.

The unique concept behind Woonkly NFTs is born out of a dedicated team of revolutionaries. The team has a mission to create solution-based products that solve prevalent problems in the ecosystem.

Users will be able to purchase collectibles and digital items using the WOOP token, although you can also pay using other cryptocurrencies. However, payment with WOOP will only attract a 1.5% commission, while paying with other virtual currencies will attract a 3% commission. This is structured in a way to encourage the use of the WOOP native token.

How Woonkly NFTs Work

Minting your first Woonkly NFT is pretty uncomplicated. All you need is to follow the processes below:

  • First off, you need to register and connect your wallet (preferably a MetaMask wallet) to the platform. 
  • Create your NFT by uploading the file. Name it afterward, set the price and the royalty fee.
  • Approve, mint, and pen your signature to upload it to Woonkly. You can decide to auction it or sell it at a fixer price.

What’s Next for Woonkly.com?

Woonkly social media will launch on the Ethereum Network, and later on Binance Smart Chain Network. It will also be integrated to other blockchain networks with an App to boost user experience. Interestingly, Woonkly will also develop its own metaverse as well as partner with celebrities from across different sports and other industries in a bid to bolster the growth of the platform. For additional information about Woonkly, please visit their website