Luzia Grabs €9.5M Rising AI Assistant for Spanish & Portuguese

Luzia, the rising star of AI-driven personal assistants, recently celebrated a considerable cash injection. They’ve managed to raise a cool €9.5 million in their third round of funding. A commendable achievement, especially when you glance at the list of heavyweights backing them – Khosla Ventures, Abstract Ventures, FJ Labs, Globo Ventures, and yes, even basketball legend Pau Gasol, via his Gasol16 Ventures.

So, what’s the buzz about? Well, Luzia isn’t just any AI assistant. It’s specially designed for Spanish and Portuguese speakers and can be accessed through popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. This latest investment is set to propel Luzia’s mission even further, raising their total funding to an impressive €12.2 million.

Gasol, showing his enthusiasm for the project, remarked, “Luzia stands for accessibility, ensuring that groundbreaking AI tech reaches the hands of people globally. It’s forward-thinking, it’s progressive, and it’s the kind of initiative that paints a promising picture for the future.”

Let’s talk numbers: Luzia has already spread its wings across Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. In its homeland, Spain, it boasts a million-strong user base. These users have fired about 35 million questions at Luzia’s AI through chat platforms. What’s more staggering? This achievement comes from a company that’s just half a year old! Their global presence? A staggering 17 million users.

The funding isn’t just about celebrating with confetti; it’s set for a strategic roll-out. Luzia has set its sights on exploring new markets, strengthening its Spain-based development team, and further innovating its services. Up till now, they’ve tackled a whopping 880 million user queries, offering features from transcribing voice messages to generating graphics. All you need to do to join the party is add Luzia to your phone contacts and start chatting on WhatsApp or Telegram.

But Luzia’s success isn’t an isolated phenomenon. It’s indicative of a broader trend in Spain where AI integration is becoming the norm. Data suggests that a quarter of all startups in Spain have embraced AI, intertwining it with their core operations.

Speaking about this milestone, Luzia’s top boss, CEO Álvaro Higes, shared, “Every penny of this investment is a step towards Luzia’s ultimate dream: making AI’s incredible capabilities accessible to all. We’re on a mission to ensure that Luzia stands out as the most intuitive and effective personal assistant on a global scale.”

What makes Luzia even more intriguing is its potential role in education. Imagine a tool that can aid studies, assist in language learning, answer questions, give suggestions, craft texts, transcribe, generate images, and translate text – all for free! That’s Luzia for you, a company founded in 2023 with a vision to redefine the boundaries of what AI can achieve.