Urban Sports Club Nets €95 Million to Expand Wellness Reach

Get ready to flex those muscles because Urban Sports Club is making a major splash in the fitness world. They’ve just secured a cool €95 million, and it’s not just gym talk. This Berlin-based fitness giant, known for shaking up the sports and wellness scene in Europe, is on a mission to transform how we sweat it out.

Leading the charge in this funding round is Verdane, a powerhouse in the growth investment scene, known for backing tech-savvy and sustainable European ventures. And it’s not just Verdane pumping up the investment; several veteran backers like HV Capital and ProSiebenSat1 are jumping back into the fitness fray too.

This isn’t just about pocketing some extra cash. Urban Sports Club is all geared up to turbocharge its B2B game across seven European hotspots, including Germany, France, and Spain, with Austria waiting in the wings. They’re not stopping there – think bigger, better platform enhancements and a partner network that’s already boasting over 11,000 venues. From yoga to Zumba, they’ve got it all covered.

The brains behind this fitness frenzy? Moritz Kreppel and Benjamin Roth, who kicked off this digital workout revolution back in 2012. Fast forward to today, and they’ve got a track record of turning heads and opening wallets in the fitness tech world. Their 2021 funding coup of €80 million was just a warm-up. Dive into any chat with co-founder Moritz, and you’ll catch the passion and smarts that’s driving their success.

Urban Sports Club isn’t just playing the fitness game; they’re rewriting the rules, especially in the corporate world. Their B2B strategy is no joke, with a member base primarily composed of companies offering their services as employee benefits. This isn’t just about staying in shape; it’s about leading the charge in corporate fitness across Europe. Their financial scoreboard is impressive – doubling net revenues from 2021 to 2022 and still climbing in 2023. With over 7,000 companies on their client list, they’re flexing their muscles in the corporate fitness arena.

The pandemic has shifted the corporate fitness landscape, with companies now doubling down on employee wellbeing. Think about it – over 70% of workers would stick around if their bosses invested in their health, according to 2022 Gallup research. In the face of skilled worker shortages, this is a game-changer. Urban Sports Club is riding this wave, with most of their members joining through their employers. And the benefits are real – less stress, better sleep, and fewer sick days.

Staffan Mörndal, Partner at Verdane, is pumped about this partnership. He sees Urban Sports Club as a catalyst in employee wellbeing, reshaping access to sports and wellness for both companies and individuals. Their track record of solid execution has Verdane excited for what lies ahead in this fitness journey.

Moritz Kreppel, CEO and co-founder of Urban Sports Club, is equally thrilled about teaming up with Verdane. Their expertise and investment culture are a perfect match for Urban Sports Club’s vision of inspiring active and healthy lifestyles. Together, they’re set to take Urban Sports Club to new heights.

So, what’s the takeaway? Urban Sports Club’s latest funding success isn’t just about getting more people to the gym. It’s a statement about the future of corporate wellness and fitness technology. They’re not just building a fitness empire; they’re changing how we view health and wellness in the workplace and beyond.