Webel App Scores €2.1M for Streamlined Service Bookings

Have you ever wished you could summon a service, like a tutor, a cleaner, or even a makeup artist, straight to your door with just a few clicks? If so, you’re not alone. Webel, a Madrid-based marketplace app, is making that dream a reality. They’ve just raised a cool €2.1 million, largely courtesy of a lead investment from Trind Ventures. The financial boost will primarily fuel their expansion plans.

ZAKA Ventures, Decelera Ventures, Tiburon Ventures, and an ensemble of seasoned business angels, including Hugo Arévalo, founder of ThePowerMBA and investor in big names like Glovo and Playtomic, also joined the investment round.

The brainchild of Nacho, Carlos, Guillermo, and Javier, Webel was conceived during their university days. Its inception in October 2019 was met with unexpected virality, quickly amassing a loyal following of both service seekers and professionals.

But, success isn’t just about creating a buzz. For Webel, the primary obstacle was sculpting a profitable and scalable model, especially considering the notorious issue of platform leakage – where users, once acquainted, tend to sidestep the platform for direct dealings.

Webel’s ingenious solution? CEO Nacho Tejero sums it up perfectly: “The platform experience should be so convenient and efficient that users are inclined to book again, despite the commission.”

True to their promise, Webel not only simplifies the booking process to five easy clicks but also focuses on bolstering value for their professionals. They’ve pioneered SaaS tools, like automated calendars, notifications, and invoicing, to smoothen out the booking and management process for professionals. Add to this a clever algorithm that rewards loyal suppliers with increased visibility and reduced commissions, and you’ve got a winning recipe.

Their numbers speak for themselves: most customers book around seven services annually, with a staggering 75% of their Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) sourced from return users.

Andrej Petrus, the Chief Investment Officer at ZAKA VC, is visibly impressed with Webel’s track record, commending the team’s expansion from Madrid to Barcelona and Zaragoza. He says, “Their dedication is evident, and we’re enthusiastic about their potential growth in and beyond Europe.” Notably, this marks ZAKA VC’s inaugural investment in Spain.

Peeter Kompus from Trind VC echoes the sentiment. He recalls the team’s determination and their innovative approach to addressing market needs from both ends of the spectrum. Kompus feels optimistic about the roadmap Webel has outlined for the future.

Webel’s journey began in Madrid, but they’ve already branched out to Barcelona and Zaragoza. Both cities are witnessing a growth rate three times that of Madrid, achieved with just a fraction of the marketing budget. This momentum sets the stage for Webel’s mission: to place their platform in the hands of millions. The fresh infusion of funds is a ticket to scaling their operations, targeting over a million services annually and foraying into promising markets like Italy and the UK. Riding on back-to-back yearly 10x growth, Webel currently fulfills over 100,000 services annually.

To Conclude

Webel’s trajectory is a testament to innovation and resilience in the digital age. They’ve not just tapped into a market demand but have also navigated the treacherous waters of platform leakage, emerging stronger and more streamlined. The future sure looks promising for Webel.