skyBOX – a Wireless and Portable Data Storage

Image @Indiegogo
Image @Indiegogo

In a world where content creation drives how we market personal brands and businesses, data storage is becoming a necessity. In fact, reliable data storage products are necessary for content creators who are always on the road. And skyBOX claims to have on-the-go solutions that competitors do not offer.

As of press time, skyBOX had 610 backers on Indiegogog, raising $1,142,423 out of the company’s $80,000 goal.

About skyBOX

skyBOX is a portable, and wireless SSD storage that’s small and compact sized like a credit card. That makes it easy and lightweight to carry it around, even in a small bag. The basic features of the skyBOX are;

  • One-touch process – when it comes to backing up data, all one needs is to insert the SD card or USB drive and click on the button—no need for a computer or any software for this process.
  • Wireless – it is a wireless product that does not require wire connectivity for one to transfer data. It also enables the skyBOX to connect simultaneously to multiple devices for easier sharing of content with others. The wireless features make it possible for one to stream videos in high 4D quality through multiple devices.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 for connectivity, which is faster by up to 40% than the current Wi-Fi 5 connectivity.
  • Integration Capabilities – has an intuitive interface for faster and easier access to files on laptops, smartphones, or iPads. One can integrate the skyBox with third-party apps where one can easily create and edit the files.
  • Compact size – the small size, like a credit card, makes it small and compact for portability. It can fit in one’s pocket or wallet.
  • Fast transfer speed – uses USB-C 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface that gives it fast speed for transferring data with a maximum speed of 2200MBs per second.
  • Large storage capacity – has a large storage capacity of up to 4TB.
  • Filing efficiency – the Skybox App is a tailor-made file manager for the product that enhances the efficiency of editing and saving content.

The team

The team behind skyBox is HyperAccessory brand, an electronics brand for consumers. Shenzhenhen Surperoc Technology Co. Ltd owns the brand. The brand focuses on new technologies and eco-friendly materials to design and produce electronic products.

The company has other products under its belts like the HyperCharger, HyperStation, Wi-Fi sharer hard drive, and the HA -100 power bank charger.

Pros and cons

skyBOX promises a storage solution, with large storage capacity, high speed, wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity all on a small, compact, and pocket-sized storage card. That’s a big plus, especially for business people and content creators who are always on the road.

The biggest disadvantage is that you can place an order but still have to wait for the company to finalize the production. What’s available right now is a prototype with the production of the pilot product set to begin in October.

Is skyBox worth investing in or buying? Probably. Other options in the market are slightly bigger and have lower storage capacity. But, they are also more affordable and already available. For a smaller version that’s more compact, easy to carry around, and offers you larger storage, it might not hurt to wait or invest in it.