Top Tips For Getting Backers From Instagram

Top Tips For Getting Backers From Instagram

Besides Facebook, Instagram is a reckoning force as a social referral for traffic to a crowdfunding company. And, unfortunately, as Facebook continues to decrease the organic reach and limelight that posts receive, it’s no surprise that Instagram will be the most powerful social media network of getting backers to your crowdfunding campaign in a few years.¬†

With an advertising audience of more than 1.3 billion active monthly users, Instagram can offer a dramatic reach for individuals and businesses. So it’s astute for campaigners to capitalize on this popular visual-first social medium to get backers for their crowdfunding campaign.¬†

Nevertheless, even with amped-up followers, converting them to backers in your crowdfunding journey isn’t a walk in the park. This masterpiece will pinpoint practical techniques that you can use to acquire crowdfunding campaign backers from Instagram.

Top Tips For Getting Backers From Instagram 

Before you start Instagram marketing, you will need a personal account or an Instagram Business account. And of course, the more followers you have the higher likelihood of significant reach.

1. Use The Right Call to Action

You can use a call to action for building an email list. Note that Instagram only allows one link in which users can request their followers to check out their products, directly resulting in sales. 

On your bio, set up a link that offers a lead magnet to your followers that will give you their email addresses. And after the official launch of your campaign, it would be best to change the link from a lead magnet to your definite campaign. 

After creating an email list, it will be more feasible and streamlining to communicate updates and progress of your crowdfunding campaign.

2. Direct Your Link to a Landing Page

A landing page plays a critical role in the pre-launch of your crowdfunding campaign. It’s reasonable enough to set up a link on your Instagram bio that directs individuals to your landing page. Yes, you should optimize the landing page for email opt-ins subsequently, growing your list of email subscribers.¬†

A landing page through a link in your Instagram account allows you to track which messages your followers agree to and the ones they don’t. Also, you can measure the quality of your followers and, importantly, analyze the percentage of followers that are taking action.¬†

3. Post at The Right Time

First and foremost, are you weary of your target’s audience time zone? You don’t want to post quality content while the majority of your target audience is asleep.¬†

Also, Instagram business accounts have a feature that shows when most of your followers are online on their insight tabs. You can capitalize on this feature to know the perfect opportunity your followers will view your update. 

Other times that are perfect for posting include in the mornings when individuals wake up, before lunch, and the evening commute as people head home. It would be best to avoid posting on weekends as people are held up having fun times. Nevertheless, always test to see the timing that works best. 

4. Make The Most of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the perfect way to add authenticity to your products. Also, your followers can have an insight into your real life, consequently getting them to know you in person and build relationships. Also, through Instagram stories, you can post a link that directs to your landing page or website that expounds more about your campaign. 

Note that Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. Additionally, if your followers tag you on their stories, you can always repost the content to your account as a way of sharing user-generated content. 

5. Leverage Instagram Influencers

Collaborating with Instagram influencers, or rather any social media influencers, is an effective way to get their followers to build trust and, importantly, the anticipation of your crowdfunding campaign. Influencers have the knack of driving interest in your products while adding credibility to your campaign. Not to mention the exposure you garner from their vast followers. 

Also, you might consider hiring a renowned Instagram influencer to take over your Instagram weekend for a specific duration of time or a significant event. 

6. Engagement

Don’t rest on posting quality content. Instead, engage with your followers by replying to comments, interacting with their profiles, and replying to their stories. Constant engagements with your followers build a group of passionate advocates for your products.¬†

Follow similar and popular accounts in your industry. Make yourself visible by liking and commenting in a non-promotional way on their post. Be constantly looking for opportunities to engage in conversations that will spark interest in your campaign. 

7. Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are an ideal way of enhancing the visibility and exposure of your posts. In fact, a single hashtag results in an average of 13% in boost engagements. 

Nevertheless, it would be immoderate to have more than nine hashtags on a post. It’s somewhat spammy and a turn-off to most of your followers. It’s vital to include hashtags that are relatable to your campaign and crowdfunding. Also, avoid hashtags that encourage follow-or like swapping. For example #followforfollow, #followme.¬†

8. Magnify Your Results With Instagram Tools

There are several tools to make Instagram marketing more streamlining. For instance, Canva can help you design appealing posts, and Buffer makes it possible to pre-schedule your posts. Notably, Instagram for business allows you to get critical insights into your followers. Such tools have made the process of getting crowdfunding backers from Instagram much straightforward.

Final Thought

We have to appreciate how immensely Instagram has influenced social marketing. Crowdfunders should create visuals that provide their followers with exciting information showcasing their brand or campaign in a unique and enthralling way. Incorporate the above top tips for getting backers from Instagram and you will be on the right track.