Two Pillar Unveils Another Innovative Kitchen Gadget: Duo Cover

Two Pillar Unveils Another Innovative Kitchen Gadget: Duo Cover

Two Pillars has unveiled its latest kitchen gadget on Kickstarter, the Duo Cover, a microwave cover that does more than cover your food when warming. With it, one can expect:

  • To keep the inside of the microwave sparkling clean, thanks to no splatter of moist foods that are left to dry 
  • Evenly-heated food, so you never have to suffer through patches on hot and cold food. 
  • Protect your fingers from a hot dish when it gets too hot. Instead of holding a hot plate after heating with your hands or bulky oven mints, you can use Duo Cover. 
  • Prepare chef-approved meals in less time and cleanup.   

How does it work? For starters, the Duo Cover creates a seal around your plate, much like the standard microwave covers. The difference, though, is that it can steam and moisten your food, especially leftover foods. 

The seal it creates helps in enhancing the heat distribution of the microwave. So, as it gets hotter and excites the water particles for heat, steam rises, and the water drips to keep the food moist.    

Second, it is magnetic, so it attaches to the top of the microwave. It’s also collapsible. This way, you don’t need extra space to store it when not in use. Instead, you can just attach it to your microwave’s ceiling and collapse it to a smaller size, making your microwave look roomy. 

Additionally, it is:

  • BPA-free
  • Plastic-free
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Safe for food
  • Microwave safe
  • Compliant with FDA and European food standards

The Duo Cover is currently available on the crowdfunding page at $30.00, saving you $6.00 off the expected retail price. In addition, your pledge comes with a PDF copy of 20 recipes developed by a chef.

About the team

Two Pillars is a California-based company that focuses on creative, innovative, eco-friendly, and simple-to-use kitchen and home gadgets. The company has so far run two successful crowdfunding campaigns with ready items in the market. Other products include a reusable snack bag and silicone lid covers.