Lighter Capital raises $130M to fuel its revenue-based financing model, providing non-dilutive funding options to startups for accelerated growth.
Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) surpasses $2 billion in funds raised. Discover how this method transforms the investment landscape and boosts local economies.
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Looking to tap into later stage markets? Republic Capital connects institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals with lucrative investment opportunities. Access curated deals starting at $1,000 and increase your chances of successful exits. Explore a new world of possibilities for your portfolio.
Republic Wallet: Securely store, manage, and grow your digital assets with Republic Wallet. Seamlessly integrate with token offerings, support multiple blockchains, and prioritize rigorous security measures. Empowering investors with global access and fractional ownership in the future of digital finance.
UK Fintech Growth Fund launches to address £2 billion annual funding shortfall for UK Fintechs. Backed by industry leaders, the fund aims to make strategic investments and provide support for fintech ventures.
Netbank and UBX join forces to offer loans to SMBs on digital commerce platforms in the Philippines. With a focus on providing working capital, Netbank leverages UBX's SeekCap platform to gather comprehensive information. These self-liquidating loans minimize credit risks and come with lower costs. This partnership reflects a commitment to supporting businesses and driving the new economy in the Philippines.
Rising energy costs have led to a surge in online fundraising campaigns for energy bills. This article explores the reasons behind the increase, the impact on households, and the actions being taken to combat fuel poverty.