Top Crowdfunding Podcasts To Follow

Top Crowdfunding Podcasts To Follow

Podcasts and social audio are becoming a prevalent and potent option for brand enhancement, communicating with target audiences, and an ideal way to learn a new subject.

Podcasts have been around for a while, but their popularity has recently skyrocketed. In the past few years, podcasts traction has seen tremendous growth, with some of the most popular podcasts amassing more than 120000 downloads per episode. 

As a result, most of the engaging and informative voices in the crowdfunding realm have leveraged podcasts’ prodigious power and success to enlighten the masses on the market’s trends, tips, information, and intricacies. Crowdfunding being a relatively young industry, podcasts offer the perfect opportunity for individuals, prospective campaigners, and investors to learn emerging details in the industry. 

However, podcasts are somewhat fickle, whereby individuals start them only to be distracted by other projects. Lack of consistency is a significant impediment hindering podcasts’ optimal success. Therefore, it can be overwhelming for crowdfunding research people to find the perfect podcast to satisfy their curiosity. 

Here are the top crowdfunding podcasts ranked by traffic, followers, authority, dominance, and relevance in the industry.

Top crowdfunding podcasts


Salvador Briggman founded CrowdCrux, a popular blog in crowdfunding, in 2010, intending to share crowdfunding tips with the world. Since then, CrowdCrux has garnered more than 20000 subscribers and releases an episode averaging 37 minutes every week. The podcast offers valuable and practical tips on becoming a crowdfunding mega success. Also, Briggman features successful campaigners who have amassed lump sums through crowdfunding. 

Funding The Dream

Funding the Dream is a comprehensive podcast for Kickstarter. Boasting more than 700000 listeners, Funding the Dream releases weekly crowdfunding tips for game creators, creative entrepreneurs, etc., on all aspects of crowdfunding. That is, from selecting the ideal platform for your campaign to growing your backer community and running a successful enterprise post-crowdfunding.

Episodes average 20 minutes and occasionally feature successful campaign creators. Richard Bliss, the host, has successfully recorded more than 300 informative episodes. 

Go Time

A podcast by Indiegogo, one of the most prevalent crowdfunding platforms, Go Time, offers a step-by-step guide on achieving a successful crowdfunding campaign. The official Indiegogo podcast holds a series of conversations and one-on-one interviews with campaign creators and explores their stories and motivation. 

Episodes’ lengths vary, with some exceeding 50 minutes. The hosts, Adeeti Goswami and Stacy Bradford discuss a broad array of topics, including pre-launch strategies, what to do on launch day, and, surprisingly, choosing the ideal platform for your next project launch. 

KickCast: The Podcast For Crowdfunding Projects

KicksCast reviews creative and exciting projects on top crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo and broadcasts them to listeners. In return, the audience can decide whether they will be a part of the campaign. KickStart eliminates the mundane hassle potential backers would go through, scrolling numerous projects on the plethora of crowdfunding projects, searching for a suitable project to support. 


Crowdfunding for writers, self-publishers, artists, and entrepreneurial creators is more streamlining, thanks to ComixLaunch, an online resource for educating campaigners on capitalizing on crowdfunding platforms. Tyler James helps creators bring their projects to life by releasing four episodes monthly, averaging an hour. 

Tyler has previously run a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, raising over $320000. Subsequently, his project ComixTribe, a graphic novel and children’s book imprint, was distributed internationally

Crowdfunding Revolution

Crowdfunding revolution is an insightful podcast whereby Doug Atkin, an investor, analyst, and crowdfunding aficionado, discusses Wall Street’s evolution due to the crowdfunding market. Even better, Atkins tours places, holding vital discussions with top industry leaders to share their insights on crowdfunding as a financing model. 

In addition, financial and tech industry experts frequently appear on the podcast to share their perceptions on how this funding model impacts people’s lives and the global economy. 

The Remarkable Crowdfunding Toddcast

Todd, the remarkable crowdfunding podcast host, elucidates the best practices for connecting with prominent business individuals and raising funds to take your venture to the next level. Its target audience is emerging startup owners and entrepreneurs. Todd, being an entrepreneur, is also developing a crowdfunding application. 

The remarkable crowdfunding Toddcast has insightful episodes that share wisdom on what to do after a crowdfunding campaign, answers the vexing question of whether seeking investors is a feasible alternative to crowdfunding, and many more. 

Art of The Kickstart

Matt Wards holds dialogues with the minds behind prestigious Kickstarter campaigns. Art of the Kickstart is the perfect podcast to learn the secrets to running a successful crowdfunding journey. In addition, listeners can obtain firsthand knowledge about trendy innovations, inventions, and change-makers in the crowdfunding industry. 

The Real Estate Crowdfunding Show

This podcast explicitly covers topics related to raising capital for real estate projects. The real estate crowdfunding show releases four episodes every month, averaging 42 minutes. Listeners have the opportunity to listen to the top real estate professionals pitch live deals they are raising money for. Additionally, listeners can unravel extensive news and updates from the real estate crowdfunding world. 

CrowdCheck Podcast

The goodwill wave of the crowdfunding market has also seen a rise in fraudulent campaigns on most crowdfunding platforms. CrowdCheck podcast is produced by a firm with the same name, specializing in sniffing out potential hoaxes in the crowdfunding realm. 

Their top priority is educating the masses about the legal structures, regulatory requirements, and, notably, tips for identifying fraud to help investors make solid investment decisions. Similarly, it coaches entrepreneurs seeking funding by walking them through the complex disclosure and due diligence processes. 

The CrowdCheck team includes experienced security attorneys, business lawyers, entrepreneurs, and skilled investigators willing to go to lengths to keep the market honest.  

Final thoughts

It’s impractical to list all the sites offering invaluable resources to learn more about crowdfunding. So instead, we have highlighted the 10 top crowdfunding podcasts that provide comprehensive and excellent resources in the industry, including allowing creators to expose their brands. These are free podcasts you can access and download at your convenience.