360 Smart Life Launches a New Video Doorbell

360 video doorbell X3
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Home security is paramount for everyone. The tech world is not short of gadgets that help you enhance your safety. CCTV’s with motion sensors and doorbells with cameras are readily available in the market. Some of these gadgets have mobile apps, allowing you to keep an eye on your property even when you are not around.

360 Smart Life is adding another smart gadget to its collection of home security gadgets. The 360 video doorbell X3 has an ongoing crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with less than a week to the end of the campaign. With deliveries scheduled for April 2021, it might be a few months before getting their gadget.

But is the crowdfunding project worth backing and waiting for those few months to get our home’s security up and running? Here’s everything you need to know about 306 Smart Life’s X3 doorbell.


360 X3 doorbell promise to stand apart from the competing doorbells in the market in several ways. One of those is the reduced interruption from unnotable threats, like vehicles or pedestrians passing by your house without entering your property.

It uses four different detection technologies, radar sensors, passive infrared sensors, human detection, and facial recognition for fast and accurate reading. Better still, you can customize the reading zone, ensuring that any objects passing outside of that radius do not cause any false alarms.

With the radar sensor, the doorbell has precise detection of objects within the detection radius and can floor the object’s trajectory. That way, you can track the object’s movement that crosses the set boundary in your property. Facial recognition recognizes familiar faces and distinguishes them from strangers for the minimal possible interruption of false alarms.

Another pro of the 360 X3 doorbell is the long-running battery, which has two operating options. With a wireless connection, the inbuilt rechargeable battery has a running life of about 6-months from one full charge. It also uses a charging system widely used by many technologies now for its fast charging capabilities, the Type-C charger. The second option is the hardwired connection, which means the battery will keep running continuously.

A third advantage, which comes in hand with the inbuilt battery’s charging, is the add-on battery pack. This allows you to recharge the battery of the doorbell without having to disassemble the doorbell. There is also the option of mounting the add-on battery pack, which gives the battery a longer life of about 18 months.

360 video doorbell X3 uses a 5MP ultra HD camera, which captures and preserves clear quality videos with a resolution of 2496*1920. With this, it can capture clear images of a car’s license plate.

The wide dynamic range technology in the doorbell also helps balance the contrast of the images to capture clear images even when it is dark. This, coupled with the night vision feature, you will always get crispy-clear images of any intruders who cross your boundary in the night.

An additional and noteworthy feature is the package detection mode. It is probably time to say goodbye to having your online delivery packages missing without knowing who picked them up from your front door. This feature automatically notes when there is a package delivery and when the package is picked from your front door, with real-time notifications to let you know when it is happening.

You will also get free access to the recorded videos with 8G free local storage. The videos are also encrypted with banking-level data security for extra security. It also stores the video history so you can access old videos of up to 120-days.

In addition to security, the M60 X3 doorbell comes with its own pin for uninstalling. Without this, no one can uninstall or disable the doorbell. Most importantly, the camera will record any such attempts, so you have evidence.

For smart control, you can sync the doorbell with Google Assistant and Alexa. These options give you all the voice control you need for effortless control, from messaging to video chatting with your visitors, or letting the video controls open the door for you. Alexa or Google Assistant will even let you know when someone is approaching the door, with a live view of their movements.

The gadget will cost you $89.00 with the early bird price, 55% off the retail price of $199.00. If you want it with the extra battery pack, the whole package will cost you $128.00, saving you 48% off the $248.00.

Should You Back The Project?

That depends on whether you want to wait or substitute the 360 X3 video doorbell with those already in the market. While there are affordable options like this Ring doorbell or this Geekee model, there are more pricey ones like Arlo’s options.

About The Team

360 Smart Life in an LA-based company under the 360 company. Its primary focus is Research & Development, as well as the innovation of IoT and smart devices. Apart from the 360 X3 video doorbell that the company is launching, the company also has a track record of other innovative products on its website. While this is the first crowdfunding campaign, it already has several devices in the market, including a robot vacuum cleaner, a dashcam, and some wearable devices.