Segway Ninebot Debuts High-Performance SuperScooter GT Series

Segway SuperScooter GT Series

Segway Ninebot has made a name for itself as a creator of the self-balancing wheel. With over 700 patents, numerous self-transport, and ten successful crowdfunding campaigns, Segway Ninebot is back again with a drive for its SuperScooter GT Series scooters

Dubbed a thrill seeker’s dream, the GT Series consists of GT1 and its premium counterpart GT2. Both scooters are a combination of innovation, speed, and performance for two-wheel enthusiasts. They come with some similar capabilities. Thanks to the wide riding deck, a long wheelbase, and a low center of gravity, the GT series scooters provide one with better control and stability. Other shared similarities are:

  • Sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame
  • Waterproofing of IPX4 and IPX7 on the body and controller system, respectively 
  • 5.5-inch hydraulic disc brakes 
  • A dual adjustable suspension system 
  • A maximum weight load of up to 330 lbs (150 kgs)
  • 11-inch tubeless self-sealing tires for smooth riding. The tires are also designed for use all year round, regardless of the season. 

As the premium model, GT2 provides more features and, perhaps, better performance than GT1. It has a speed of up to 43.5mph (70 kph) and a performance of up to 55.9 miles range. Other features of the GT2 include:

  • 3.9S acceleration
  • 1500W dual motor 
  • Top speed of up to 43.5 mph (70 kph)
  • Six modes – park mode, eco mode, walk mode, boot mode, sport mode, and race mode
  • Hydraulic shocks for maximum comfort and excellent off-road riding capabilities 
  • Net weight of 116.8 lbs  (53 kgs)
  • Transparent PMOLED display 

Its rechargeable battery is also integrated with a HeatFlux multi-layer cooling system for reducing PV cells temperatures. This, together with the BMS system with ten protection features, helps increase the battery’s efficiency, lifespan, and rider’s safety. While the battery in GT2 lasts up to 11 hours on a single charge, the GT1 battery can run up to 8 hours. 

Other different features in the GT1 include:

  • 1400W motor
  • Top speed of up to 37.3 mph (60 kph)
  • 7.5S acceleration
  • Net weight 105.8 lbs (48 kgs)
  • Digital display 

While the GT series scooters are not available in the market yet, backpackers can still pre-order their units at a discount through its crowdfunding page on Indiegogo. The SuperScooter GT1 is available at $2,499.00, a 16% discount off MSRP of $2,999.00. The SuperScooter GT2 is available at $3,499.00, a 12% discount off MSRP of $3,999.00.