Sonicware Ventures Into Portable Production Samplers with SmplTrek


Sonicware is stepping into the portable device space with its latest production sampler, SmplTrek. This battery-powered gadget is compact and lightweight, allowing you to bring it anywhere with you and keep the creativity burning. 

SmplTrek comes with a pack of features for on-the-go music production. For example, you can sample records of any sounds using the inbuilt mic or connect your devices to the input. Alternatively, you could also do it directly from your smartphone, PC, or Mac by connecting it to SmplTrek with a USB. 

Second, it allows for flexible song-making. Each song project will have 16 scenes or sequences, and each of these scenes accommodates up to 10 sequencer tracks. In addition to this, 3 more Global Audio Tracks enable recording for a prolonged period. These tracks can also take several takes that you could splice for a final clean version. Most importantly, SmplTrek is a digital device that can stream your content with just a USB cable.   

It has a sample library with over 500 sample sounds and 100+ drum kits. This will enable new music enthusiasts to start recording. Sonicware has also integrated it with an SD card for storing your recordings. You can also download or import them with a USB cable. 

SmplTrek is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. If you are ready to snatch one of these at a discount, you can back the crowdfunding campaign at $306.00, saving you a few bucks off the retail price of $429.00. Delivery of the product is set to start in October 2022.

About Sonicware

It is a musical instrument company founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It released its first product, a portable polyphonic synthesizer, in 2019. Since then, it has released several products, including a crowdfunded audio looper and groove box feature pack.