MAXXwasher Introduces a Portable & Multi-Purpose Kitchen Washer

MAXXwasher Pro

MAXXwasher is trying to revolutionalize kitchen chores with its MAXXwasher Pro gadget. So if you are tired of washing dishes and fed up with oily cookware, but cannot afford the luxury of a dishwasher, MAXXwasher promises to sort your woes. 

MAXXwasher Pro is a compact and portable all-in-one kitchen washer. It cleans just about anything in your kitchen. Unlike a dishwasher that uses chemical-infused pellets for soap, MAXXwasher Pro is purely chemical-free. Instead, it uses ultrasonic power and MAXXcatalyst technology. In addition, it is more power-efficient than a regular dishwasher. While dishwashers usually have 1.8kWh per load, MAXXwasher Pro has 0.34 kWh per load. It also uses less water and leaves no residue behind. 

When you power it, the vibration from ultrasonic waves generates vacuum bubbles at 40,000 times/second. These strong shockwaves crush on the surface to remove any dirt. For example, it removes grease from kitchenware and pesticides from fruits and veggies. You can also use it to clean kids’ toys and pacifiers. 

As an all-in-one washer, you can clean utensils and foodstuffs, from kitchenware and glasses to pots, stove parts, fruits, vegetables, and meat. As long as your items fit in the kitchen sink, you can clean them with MAXXwasher Pro. 

It is easy to install and use. MAXXwasher Pro uses ultra-adhesive strips for sticking on smooth surfaces, like your kitchen wall. Alternatively, you can simply let it sit on your kitchen countertop right next to the sink if you have the space. You can choose the cleaning mode, depending on what you are cleaning. It has five modes:

  • Kitchenware — 10 minutes of ultrasonic and 2 minutes of ultrasonic and MAXXcatalyst cleaning
  • Fruits and vegetables — 3 minutes of ultrasonic and 2 minutes of MAXXcatalyst cleaning 
  • Grains — 3 minutes of MAXXcatalyst cleaning
  • Meat — 7 minutes of ultrasonic, 3 minutes of MAXXcatalyst cleaning, and 2 minutes of ultrasonic and MAXXcatalyst cleaning
  • Seafood — 6 minutes of ultrasonic, 2 minutes of MAXXcatalyst cleaning, and 2 minutes of ultrasonic and MAXXcatalyst cleaning

MAXXwasher Pro is available at a discount for Kickstarter backpackers at $299.00, 50% off its retail price of $598.00. Shipping is estimated to begin in August 2022.   

MAXXwasher is a household and supply company that uses innovative technology to produce industrial tech for homes. Its team has extensive experience in design and engineering.