Alice Camera for Content Creators

Alice Camera
Image @Alice Camera, Indiegogo

As pictures exceedingly become one of the best ways for content creators to tell their stories, many manufacturers are coming up with camera equipment dedicated solely to this.

Meet Alice Camera: AL camera built just for content creators. While you might not access the gadget until October 2021, you can place your preorder via their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Why is it best for content creators? Well, it offers better quality pictures than what your smartphone might offer. It shoots 4K pictures that you share instantly through your smartphone to your social media accounts.

It also matches the mirrorless features that some DSLR cameras offer. Its sensor is similar to powerful professional cameras, like Black Magic Pocket and the Panasonic GH5S. The imaging sensor has a quad-Bayer structure and dual native ISO, which offers you excellent pictures in low noise.

Most importantly, it is easily mountable on your smartphone. The camera is compatible with both Ios and Android software, including One Plus, Samsung, Google, or smartphones with similar dimensions. Thanks to its fast wireless connectivity, you can live stream content of high-quality on sites like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Notable features include:

  • Hardware to integrate with smartphone and app.
  • Fast wireless connectivity – real-time transfer of images to your smartphone.
  • 4/3’ sensor and micro four-thirds mount.
  • AI & computational photography features.
  • Automatic adjustment of exposure, color, focusing, and stabilization.
  • Automatically tracks a moving object.
  • Automatic scene recognition.
  • Quick mode for shooting content in an instant, so you never miss a chance to take any shot.

Is it okay to back the crowdfunding project? Well, if you do not mind backing a campaign where the company has no prior crowdfunding project to gauge performance, the choice narrows down to one’s preferences and risk-taking willingness.

But just because a company is just crowdfunding for the first time doesn’t mean it cannot deliver. The team has taken part in multiple prestigious accelerator programs run by institutions like UCL Innovation & Enterprise, Digital Catapult, NVIDIA, and Entrepreneur First.

The early bird price is still available on Indiegogo at £600.00 GBP, which’s 20% off the £750.00 GBP retail price.

About the team

The team is comprised of photographers, content creators, and engineers set to make content creation as easy as it can get. Due to the lack of usability of digital cameras for content creation and slow innovation into meeting content creators’ needs, the team came up with the idea that meets all these needs, Alice Camera. The team won a grant of £175,000 from the UK’s Government Innovation Agency, Innovate UK, giving them substantial funding to continue developing the Alice Camera.