BackOSage 8 in 1 Decompression Massage Belt For Your Back Pains

Image @BackOSage Decompression Massage Belt, Indiegogo

Back pains have become a common problem not just for the elderly but also for the young generations. If not due to old age, it’s probably due to your sitting positions, which compress your spinal cord. This can lead to chronic back pains with adverse effects when ignored. That’s where the BackOSage 8 in 1 massage belt comes into play. It helps one decompress their spinal cord discs and the lower back joints and lift the upper body weight off the lower back. It will help you adjust your posture for the best and improves blood circulation, among other functions.

With such promising effects to help one reduce back pains, the BackOSage 8 in 1 massage belt has garnered quite a following. The company had 363 backers and raised $56,070 out of the $20,000 fixed goal as of press time.

All about the BackOSage 8 in 1 Decompression Massage Belt

BackOSage 8 in 1 is an inflatable belt for massage therapy and relieving of back pain. When inflated, the belt will stretch and retract the lower back. This, in turn, decompresses the spinal discs, allowing the spinal cord to align to its normal and natural position.

The belt inflates from 5 to 8 inches in width, which helps straighten the spine to an upright position for your spinal cord’s lumbar support. This realignment helps relieve the back pains that arise from bulging or herniated discs. These bulging or herniated discs cause back pain when they touch the spinal cord’s nerves.

The 8 in 1 technology of this massage belt offers the below features;

  1. Inbuilt heat therapy – the belt has Graphene technology and three heat settings for maximum relaxation and pain relief. Research suggests that the Far-Infrared therapy technique (FIR) used in this belt is an effective and non-invasive physiotherapy treatment. It’s best compared to heat therapy because it will penetrate deeper into the patient’s skin without causing injuries.
  2. DecompressionTek air lumbar – provides clinical-grade decompression and traction therapy. It decompresses the spinal discs and lower back joints while lifting the upper body’s weight off your lower back. This helps improve your posture and stabilize the lower back and spine to its normal position.
  3. Dual-frequency kneading massage – has two in-built dual-frequency massaging motors that help soothe achy and tired muscles, helping relieve lumbar pain. There are five massage modes to choose from, kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, deep tissue, and acupressure massage for the ultimate massage experience.
  4. Cold therapy – is ideal for cold pack pockets and inflammation for reducing pain pressure and inflammation.
  5. 360-degree Graphene – Graphene produces the infrared wavelength of 6-14um when generating the heat, which your body absorbs for the pain relief. It has three heat settings, with rapid heating and penetration.
  6. Theralight therapy – the belt uses infrared light therapy, which helps in relaxation and the recovery process.
  7. Energy magnets – magnetic therapy adds more weight, which helps in complementing the whole process.
  8. Cordless and rechargeable design – has a long-lasting inbuilt Lithium battery that can run for 5 hours after a full charge.

Pros and cons

For starters, the belt offers five different massage modes, including deep tissue massage. Second, infrared technology is better than the heating technology for physiological therapy and does not harm the skin. The belt also helps relieve pain and realign your spinal discs.

On the flip side, there is no much information or reviews on the internet from the first-generation prototype released in 2018. The product is also not FDA approved yet. It is also a bit expensive, with an MPR of $466. However, it’s selling at a discount on Indiegogo at $199 for backers. Still, the price is a bit high compared to other market models like the HongJing or the HailiCare on Amazon and Dr- Ho’s decompression massage belts.

If you are willing to wait until October 2020, you can give it a chance when worldwide shipments begin. This is not the first decompression massage belt in the market, but there’s hope from what’s already in the market that the technology helps relieve back pain and realign the spinal discs.