Beno Inc. Introduces a Hubless EBike, Reevo

Image @Indiegogo

The world of bicycles is forever evolving together with technology. For the last few years, electric bikes have seen the light, with many individuals switching from manual bicycles. With all these innovations, the good news is the world gets a pool of products to choose from.

That said, Beno Inc. is diving into the market of electric bikes with the new Reevo E-bike. It’s a hubless e-bike with a fancy look and multiple security features for urban cyclists. The company is currently working with a working prototype and a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to raise money to start producing the final product. So far, the crowdfunding campaign has 563 backers, raising $873,267.00 out of the fixed goal of $50,000.00.

About Reevo E-Bike

Reevo is more than just a hubless electric bike. It comes packed with smart and security features for urban cyclists. Its common features include:

  • Safety features – it’s integrated with an automatic lock on the frame and has a one-touch fingerprint sensor for keyless access to the bike. It also features a GPS tracking system that allows can tracking from a smartphone, and sends an alert if the bike is triggered.
  • Light sensors – has automatic light sensors that light the headlamps and the tail light on or off for safe riding, even at night.
  • Inbuilt signals – the turning signals for the bike are built-in for safer turning and saves you from using your arms.
  • Hubless wheel – it’s hubless wheels accommodate up to 265lbs of weight. Also, for reliability, the wheels are triple-sealed from the elements of the bike.
  • Adaptive pedal-assist – its pedal detects the gradient of the road and the pedaling parameters, which allows the bike to provide tailored assistance for swift riding.
  • Phone cradle – a phone cradle plus a USB port for secure holding and charging of your phone.
  • Storage – the hubless wheel also features hooks that offer storage space for a weather-resistant sling bag and other items.

Pros and Cons of Reevo E-Bike

The safety features of the Reevo E-Bike are probably its biggest advantages, such as the automatic lock that’s integrated with the bike’s frame and the fingerprint unlocking system. Its automatic light sensors are also quite impressive, so are the inbuilt turning signals. Another thing to like about this is the storage system on the hubless wheels, which stays still even as the wheel turns.

With an estimated shipping date of March 2021, it can be quite disadvantageous for people in need of an e-bike as soon as possible. But the shipping date might not matter that much for anyone who’s not in a hurry.

The biggest con is the retail price of $3,349.00. Many e-bikes in the market go for less, like the foldable Sondors e-bikes or the Aventon e-bike with an LCD display. Compared to other pricier models, the Gocycle GX model prices are slightly lower.

Apart from the prices, other items like the storage wheel bag and the power charger come at an extra cost; $39.00 and $150.00 for early bird sales, down from the retails prices of $59.00 and $200.00.

Should You Back Reevo E-Bike

If you like its features and don’t mind paying over $3,000.00 to get one, you can back the project and take advantage of the early bird sale of $1,999.00. Also, if you back the project, you’ll be increasing the number of backers, which might help unlock some stretch goals. One target is to have 750 backers for all backers to receive a free shock absorber and 1000 backers for airless tires.

About the Team

Beno Technologies is a tech company focusing on mobility products. Alec Lim founded it in 2016, an avid cycler and product designer with years of experience in Fortune 500 company. The team comprises engineers, product designers, modelers, legal and supply chain practitioners, and a graphics designer.