BirdieCamera Promises to Digitize Bird Watching Experience

BirdieCamera Smart Bird Feeder
Image @BirdieCamera

Are you a bird enthusiast? BirdieCamera is promising to revolutionize the bird watching and feeding experience by making it digital. 

According to its crowdfunding campaign page on Indiegogo, the company funded its target goal in just 10 minutes. So, what is so great about its BirdieCamera Smart Bird Feeder

About BirdieCamera Smart Bird Feeder

How does it work? The BirdieCamera Smart Feeder is just that, a traditional bird feeder with a touch of technology. The smart feeder will automatically send notifications to your mobile the minute a bird lands on it. The information will include the possible species of the bird and grain suggestions based on season and location. You can also compile the birds that land on it and share them on your social media.

On key features: for starters, it has an advanced 8MP/2.5K camera that captures crisp, clear pictures of the birds that visit the feeder. In addition, the camera can handle extreme temperatures, allowing it to function within the range of -20°C/-4°F to 60°C/140°F.

Additionally, it also features a low-light surveillance-grade 5MP camera. This captures images and videos of birds at dusk or when. It is also tuned such that the captured images and videos are not blurred when the birds are in motion. 

Secondly, this is a digital feeder, meaning you can connect it to your WiFi for real-time mobile notifications when there is a bird on the feeder. Its information-rich AI and machine learning modes can recognize over 10,000 bird breeds

Thanks to the mobile app, you are not only able to share what birds land in your backyard with social media followers. It also allows you to finally interact with other bird lovers who unlock the same badge. You can also check other bird enthusiasts close to you. 

To make the smart feeder user-friendly, it comes with a detachable design where the housing, battery, and food tank are positioned separately. This makes maintenance and cleaning easier.

It also has ventilation holes and sink drain that keeps the food as fresh and dry as possible. This way, your birdie visitors can also enjoy fresh foods even in the rainy season. It also features birgonomics, an inbuilt wood perch to support birds that are curious enough or hungry. Most importantly, it is squirrel-proof, ensuring squirrels do not tamper with it. 

Should you back the campaign? 

If you are a birdie enthusiast or know one in your circles, who wouldn’t want to keep tabs on their beautiful and melodious visitors? Plus, if you want to introduce the issue of the near extinction of some bird species or get someone interested, this would be a great way to go about it. As such, you start building knowledge about birds for their protection. Due to this, BirdieCamera founders promise to donate $1.00 for every BirdieCamera they sell to NGOs. 

BirdieCamera is going for $159.00, a 33% discount off the RRP of $239.00 on the crowdfunding page. However, there already are competitors with cameras and other smart functions in their bird feeders. For example, Bird Buddy, another crowdfunding baby, is available for pre-order at $199.00, a 15% off the RRP of $235.00. 

Apart from these crowdfunding options available on pre-orders, you can get those available in the market like BirdDock, PalProt, and Miwasion from Amazon. 

About the team

BirdieCamera is a Hong Kong-based company. It consists of a team of bird enthusiasts with a knack for technology. The founder has extensive experience and skills in the automotive industry. The team also consists of product developers, engineers, and ID designers.