Breakaway Industries Unveils a Compact Exercising Bike

Santa Barbara, United States, October 2020: Breakaway Industries has unveiled a compact, foldable exercising machine for home workouts.

With the pandemic still ravaging through many countries, hitting the gym will be quite different from what we are used to. Although businesses are opening and implementing safety measures like regular cleaning and sanitizing the equipment and social distancing, it’s normal for one to feel concerned.

But that doesn’t mean you put aside your workout routines. Staying healthy is paramount for any healthy living, and working out helps you achieve this. You can get home workout equipment that can help you stay healthy, and Breakaway Industries is working on making this possible.

The Breakaway exercising bike is compact equipment with a folding design for stress-free storage and portability. It’s currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo with 681 backers and $340,381.00 out of the $35,000.00 fixed goal.

Features of the Breakaway Exercising Bike

  • Portability – with it’s folding design and carry-on bag, the Breakaway exercising bike is highly portable, even when traveling.
  • Compact design – apart from the portability, its compact design makes storing the bike quite easy. You can store it under the bed or in the closet. It’s the ideal bike for a small apartment, condo, or anyone without much space in the house but still needs a home workout space. It measures only 16x23x8 inches in size and weighs about 35lbs.
  • Adjustable resistance – has an adjustable resistance design so one can choose a comfortable workout position.
  • Adjustable handlebars allies one to choose the right height for the bike.
  • High-quality construction – made from materials used in making professional cycling bikes for durability, quiet riding, and no-frills.
  • Compatibility with training software – connects to training software like TrainerRoad, and Zwift through Bluetooth on tablets, smartphones, and watches.
  • The breakaway app helps you track every part of your workout, including heart rate, speed, power, average speed, distance, workout time, and cadence.
  • It features a smartphone mount where you can place your smartphone for easy access and follow up on your workout progress.

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of the Breakaway compact exercising bike is the ability to have some exercise at home or your hotel room when traveling. Cycling is a great exercise that allows one to burn calories, reduce stress levels, and tone muscles. It also has a low injury risk.

It’s also go-to equipment for individuals who cannot afford a dedicated home gym.

However, its design might not be as comfortable for some individuals as other brands, although some don’t have a foldable design. Another con is perhaps its Indiegogo price of $449.00 and the retail price of $599.00. Several brands in the market have a lower price tag, like the FitDesk exercising bike or the XTERRA folding bike. Also, you will have to wait untill January 2020, when shipping is expected.

About the Team

Breakaway Industries was founded by Connor and John, who have experience in cycling. Connor is a triathlete and was looking for an exercising bike that he could take with him as he travels for work. On the other hand, John is an avid cyclist and an award-winning innovator, product developer, and engineer.

Should You Back the Project?

Breakaway Industries is a fairly new company, and the company has no other products in its portfolio to compare with. This poses a challenge for one to assess the level of quality for its products. However, the comment section of the product on Indiegogo might help you make a decision. You can also consider backing the project if you like it and take advantage of the 25% discount.