Bumruk Launched a Lightweight Backpack Chair

Image @Bamruk, Indiegogo

April 2021, Bumruk unveils its backpack with a seat compartment.

Making the most out of every cargo you pack when globetrotting is every backpacker’s dream. Even when you just want to hit the local beach, there is a possibility you want to pack light.

Bumruk is changing this thanks to its compact backpack with a sitting component. What that means is that you get a backpack for packing your travel items plus a steel frame with a cushy seat you can sit on when on the beach, in the park, or camping, saving you from the hard and uncomfortable bare ground.

Bumruk Features

  • Material – made from a weatherproofed polymer that’s washable and sand-wicking
  • Reclining –  the steel frame seat offers 5 reclining positions and can comfortably accommodate up to 300lbs of weight. The seat is also made from neoprene and waterproof foam.
  • Zip – can remove the zip for extra security
  • Large carrying capacity and storage capacity on the backpack’s straps for your towels and light blankets
  • Machine-washable material for easy cleaning

The Bumruk is not in the market yet, not until August 2021. However, the project is crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Should you back the project?

If waiting until August is not an issue, you can back the project for $159.00 for the Ultimate Solo Pack at an early bird price, a 29% off the RRP of $225.00. Your purchase will come with an extra accessory, a free cotton beach towel worth $35.00. Other add-ons include:

  • A tote bag made from a blend of cotton and polyester material for durability
  • A Bumruk koozie for keeping your drinks cold
  • T-shirt with a 100% cotton material with custom art (only if you back the project)
  • A limited-edition sticker pack with 6 vinyl stickers for sticking on any items, from your water bottles to coolers or other items.

But is that worth the wait compared to what is already available in the market? We will let you decide.

For instance, Chair Pack has several options in the market with an affordable retail price, much lower than what the Bumruk is offering at an early bird price. The seat is also more risen and the backpack looks larger for more packing capacity, especially when backpacking. Zology folding camping chair is another option, with a reasonable price tag and frame supported seat integrated on the top part of the backpack.

About The Team

Bumruk was founded by Will and Scott in Florida. The duo, who are cousins, started working on a prototype after having to spend a lot of time at the beach, and without any cozy seating solution, one ended up with sore bums.