Casamera Launches a New Set of Eco-Friendly Bath Towels

The clothing industry is never short of home linen items. But as technology changes and consumers’ needs adjust to new lifestyles, we are always faced with new products that promise to meet these needs. Besides, it is only hygienic for one to change these items regularly.

That means you are shopping for a set of towels at some point each year, or two. Luckily, you will never lack a shop that sells towels, whether you are shopping online or offline. What matters is whether the towel delivers in terms of size, quick to dry, exfoliation, and, of course, the durability of the materials.

If you are looking to buy a new set of towels and probably support new products, here is your chance to do it.

Casamera is introducing a new product into the market, three years after the release of their first crowdfunded towel design. The new and reimagined towel is an improvement of the first model and promises to deliver better results.

The product’s features include:

  • A sturdy hanging loop
  • Folds into a compact size for small storage space
  • Made using sustainable materials. The materials are 100% plant-based
  • Highly absorbent
  • Unique design and texture that’s highly exfoliating
  • Quick to dry
  • Made from high-quality Egyptian cotton
  • Odor resistant
  • Large-sized but lightweight
  • Machine washable at 50-degrees

The Casamera towels come in three shades, charcoal, oatmeal, and denim. There are three sizes to choose from, too. The bath sheet is 107*178cm, the bath towel is 81*165cm and the hybrid towel is 61*61 cm.

There are a few days left to the end of the crowdfunding campaign, meaning you can still back the project. A pledge of at least $25.00 will get you a hybrid towel, which is an early bird price with a $20 discount off the retail price.

The bath towel and the bath sheet are also available on the crowdfunding page at an early bird price of $40.00 and $50.00, a 27% and 33% discount. You can also pledge to get the whole set at $75.00 and save 50% off the retail price. Getting the whole set will also save you about $40.00 compared to buying a piece of each of the sizes at the aforementioned early bird prices.

The available colors are also not shouting or too bright, especially if you are worried about the condition of water in your region spoiling its quality.

This is not the first project the company has crowdfunded. It is also not the first product its launching in the market. A quick look at the company’s website shows you they already have some products in the market, from beach towels to bathrobes and scented candles. If you only want to back a company with a track record, this will probably do.

You will also receive an authenticity card for every purchase you make for traceability and as a guarantee of the product’s purity.

Are you willing to wait until May and June 2021 when the hybrid, bath towel, and sheet will start shipping? If not, you can go for the alternatives in the market. Since Casamera towels are eco-friendly products, you will probably be looking for the same. Ariv Collection is an excellent choice. It has great reviews on Amazon and an affordable price, lower than what you will get on Casamera’s early bird price. Other choices to consider include towels from Welhome Store, Hammam Linen, Chakir Linen Store, and Turkuoise Turkish Store.

About the Team

The company was founded by two friends after they immigrated to the US and realized the difference in the quality of home linens. To reduce the culture of throwing away items, especially home lines in their new country, the duo decided to make a difference.