ChillFeed Brings The Coolness In The Summer With Its Portable Air Conditioner

ChillFeed Portable Air Conditioner
Image @ChillFeed, Kickstarter

September 2021, New York, USA: ChillFeed enters the portable equipment market with its 4-in-1 air conditioners.

The hot weather can be unbearable. But, unfortunately, the cool breeze you get to enjoy from your home or office AC and fans are not always available when you are outdoors. And thanks to technological advancements, product designers are always looking for ways to make your life a little more comfortable. This has led to the production of portable air conditioners. So, you can comfortably camp or stay outdoors during the hot weather and still enjoy a cool breeze with these. 

ChillFeed is the latest producer of a portable air conditioner. While the ChillFeed air conditioner will be available for shipping in March 2022, its crowdfunding campaign is still live on Kickstarter. That means you can still back the project for the remaining few weeks at $239.00. 

About ChillFeed

This is a portable air conditioner that ChillFeed is fronting as a 4-in-1 gadget. Apart from the air conditioner, you get three more features:

  • A power bank – both Type A and Type C ports, allowing you to charge multiple electronics simultaneously. 
  • Bluetooth speaker: get entertained wherever you are with the 20W Bluetooth speaker. It uses the 5.0 Bluetooth technology for the crisp, clear sound of your music and movies. 
  • Emergency light: it has a rotating LED light for excellent illumination in the dark. With this, you don’t have to stay in darkness when camping outside. The light will help you do all sorts of activities, from cooking to reading and just staying in a lit environment. 

The air conditioner has two working settings, a cooling and a fan. This allows it to get rid of heat around you while drying sweat. In addition, its 350W cooling engine generates up to 1100 BTU/H, allowing it to cool up to 55-square feet. With such, you can rely on ChillFeed in an RV, tent, or at the beach. It also circulates airflow with a volume of up to 140m³/h.

It also comes with a detachable exhaust hose. You can use this to accelerate the circulation of air. The hose gets rid of hot air while continuously drawing in fresh and cold air that keeps you cool.  

ChillFeed uses a removable battery that can run up to 6 hours at maximum output. So you don’t have to worry about running out of power in the middle of the night when in the wild. In addition, with the battery indicator display, you can always keep track of how much battery power you have remaining. 

The gadget also provides you with several charging options. You can charge it directly from a wall outlet, solar panels, a car outlet, and the ChillFeed battery. 

Are There Alternatives

Should you back the ChillFeed project? Yes, if you are willing to back a startup with no other products in the market and can wait until 2022 for shipping to start. The funding so far with over 700 backers shows many backers ready to give ChillFeed a chance. 

However, if you are not ready to take risks, you can go for alternatives. While there are numerous portable air conditioners, few have multiple functions. Most available options have 2 or 3 modes, like air cooling, fan mode, and dehumidifier. However, there is not much option for one with additional features like Bluetooth speaker and safety lights. 

About The Team

ChillFeed is an R&D company that focuses on researching, developing, and producing outdoor gear. Its goal is to make your life outdoors more enjoyable, cool, and as comfortable as possible.