CZUR Aura Introduces the Dual Camera Scanner

Czur Aura Mate Pro
Image @ Czur, Indiegogo

December 2020, Spokane, United States: Czur has launched a new scanner, an updated premium of the Aura Mate scanner.

With the project on the last leg of crowdfunding on Indiegogo, Czur has already started turning the Aura Mate Pro prototype into a final product.

Czur’s Aura Mate Pro is the kind of scanner you need if you are working from home, teaching online, or having a business meeting. The scanner is much faster than the traditional models. It can scan a page in under a second. This allows you to scan more than 300 pages in about eight minutes.

Unlike its predecessors, the Czur Aura Mate Pro can support tablets and smartphones, allowing you to enjoy wireless scanning. It’s also compatible with all computers, Windows, and Mac.

The scanner features a dual-camera system that allows you to conduct your online meetings and teach online. It is compatible with video conferencing software like Zoom, which has become necessary for working from home and online learning.

Also, it offers 1080P high-resolution video calls for crisp-clear images when you are on video calls. This also goes a long way in giving your scans the crystal clear clarity they deserve.

With the optical character recognition (OCR) feature, you can transfer the scanned documents into editable files. Better still, say goodbye to sending scanned documents with curved formats. The Aura Mate Pro uses its curve-flatten technology that flattens any curved pages once they are scanned, ensuring the documents you save or send out are legible and as flat as a book.

Another advantage this scanner has over the traditional models is the fixed focus plus auto page-turning detecting. You also get to operate it hands-free, thanks to the foot pedal.

Other features to be aware of include:

  • 16MP camera
  • Lamp mode with four lighting options (natural light, eye protection mode, computer light, and reading light)
  • Fingerprint removing technology
  • Auto alignment
  • Multi-target positioning
  • Background purification
  • Correct positioning
  • Supports over 180+ language

Should You Back Aura Mate Pro Crowdfunding Project?

If you are looking for a portable document scanner that does more than just that, this would be an excellent gadget. The Aura Mate Pro connects to your computer, laptops, and even smart devices for wireless usage.

It doubles as a lamp with four light modes to suit the occasion. You can also use its dual cameras for your online meetings.

You should also consider backing the project if you like the product while the prices are still friendly. With the retail price of $599.00, you will save a couple of bucks if you buy through Indiegogo with the early bird price of $219.00.

Unfortunately, the scanner does not come with an assistive cover, which goes for $19.00 on early bird price. The retail price, though, is $39.00. You can also get the Czur backpack, Portapack, that’s built to suit the scanner for your portability needs. The bag is lightweight and splashproof and costs $49.00, off 50% from the retail price of $98.00.

The scanner is scheduled for shipping in February 2021. Considering that this is not the first product Czur is releasing, you can use their previous models and products to gauge its reliability and performance. Some of the earlier models are already selling on Amazon, with some pretty good reviews.

Still, there are competitor brands readily available in the market at a lower price than the early bird price of Aura Mate Pro. iOCHOW, for example, has the S1 and S500 with lower prices, and the S3, whose retail price is basically the same as Aura Mate’s Pro early bird price on Indiegogo. iCODIS is another brand with similar products and better prices.

About The Team

Czur Technologies, a tech company that focuses on enhancing the existing and often overlooked issues in a workplace, is a UK based company. It was founded in 2013 and has released several products in the mark, including smart notebooks. Czur has run other crowdfunding campaigns in the past, which have all been successful. For this project, Czur has partnered with Sam.