Deeper Network Launches Deeper Connect Pico, World’s Decentralized VPN

Deeper Connect Pico

As the world goes more digital than ever before and cybersecurity issues crop in, tech companies have developed a solution, VPN. There are numerous VPN providers to choose from that allow you to browse the internet in privacy and access data that might be restricted in your region. 

Unlike the common VPNs that are software, Deeper Connect Pio is a compact hardware device. Its creators, Deeper Network, refer to it as the “thinnest, lightest, smallest and unique cybersecurity hardware.” It is also lauded as the first and world’s only decentralized VPN. 

For starters, it is integrated with 7 layers of enterprise-grade firewall, providing you with excellent protection against hackers and data trackers. Its compact size makes it pretty easy for you to bring it along when traveling. Second, it also includes a Wi-Fi adapter. 

That way, you can keep enjoying private and more secure browsing whenever you are. 

Thanks to the integration of Deeper Network’s plug-and-play setup, it is pretty easy to use. This feature makes it even more seamless for a traveler to use on the road as it requires no configuration on your end. 

As a fully decentralized VPN, it has no centralized servers, giving you complete control over your encrypted data. That means that all encrypted data is stored in your devices instead of the VPN’s servers, where the VPN provider or its third-party users with access can peep your information. It also enables you to access the democratic internet with no censorship or speed drops.  

Other features to enjoy from the Deeper Connect Pico include: 

  • Blocking ads for websites, including YouTube, pop-up, banner, and embedded ads. 
  • Implementing parental controls if you have underage users accessing the internet 
  • Sharing economy that allows you to share with others without necessarily involving a third party to mediate for the transaction 
  • Affordability – there are no annual or subscription fees, saving you US$600+ compared to subscription-based VPNs. 
  • It changes notes automatically based on your needs.

While the MRP is $199.00, you can get one at an Early Bird Price of 129.00, a 35% discount on Kickstarter. However, this does not come with a Wi-Fi adapter. For $149.00, a 40% discount off the MRP of $248.00, you can get the PICO and Wi-Fi adapter.  

About The Team

Deeper Network Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company founded in 2019 with the vision of leveraging blockchain technology to empower internet users and enable them to have private, fair, and secure internet.