Dreame T20 Intelligent Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Image @Dreame, Indiegogo

Dreame Technology has made a name for itself in the market of innovative cleaning appliances. The need for smart technology, even in cleaning, is on the rise. And Dreame has catered to this with its products.

With about six vacuum cleaning appliances in the market already, including a robotic vacuum cleaner under its name, Dreame is back with a more advanced vacuum cleaner.

The Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is so far the most powerful vacuum from the company, with a more powerful suction than the previous generation with about 50%. Dreame has started turning the prototype for the Dreame T20 vacuum cleaner into a final product, with estimated shipping dates for November 2020.

For any interested backers, there is about a week to go as of press time. Dreame is crowdfunding on Indiegogo, where it has managed to raise $765,407 from 3,371 backers.

We’ve gathered and summarised the technical details you need to know about the Dreame T20 cordless vacuum cleaner.

About Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Dreame T20 is a cordless vacuum cleaner with engineering technology used in aviation to better clean your home and other multiple objects like cars. It features several filtering systems for capturing and trapping dust particles while releasing some fresh and clean air.

It’s quite lightweight and easily portable, ensuring you leave no dirty place unturned- from the carpets to the far-reaching corners of the house.

Main Features are:

  • 150 AW suction power has powerful suction with 25K PA force and 150 AW* power for deeper and thorough cleaning than traditional vacuum cleaners. This also allows one to reach unreachable places like deep carpets, tile, wooden floors, and bed mites.
  • 125,000 RPM motor – the SPACE 4.0 motor has a 125,000 RPM for fast but stable cleaning speed.
  • Suction power optimization – Dreame T20 uses an intelligent suction power system that automatically adjusts according to the floor type. It saves you the time of changing cleaning mode based on the area you are cleaning, while still preserving the battery running time.
  • 12-cone cyclone separator helps filter out dust, hair, and dirt, ensuring the filter does not clog, and that filtered dirt does not re-enter your house. It also increases the lifespan of the filter by 63% compared to the traditional cartridges.
  • 5-stage filtrate system – this captures the smallest of microbes, up to PM0.3 microns, for capturing any possible dirt microbe while releasing fresh and clear air to your environment.
  • The cleaning roller has an inbuilt hair-free tangle design for peeling off any hair that entangles with the roller when cleaning.
  • Multiple accessories – the Dreame T20 comes with an assortment of accessories for easy cleaning. The all-surface brush is a v-shaped all-surface brush with both long and soft bristles and short and rigid nylon bristles that clean all sorts of surfaces. Whether you’re working to remove dirt on cracks of a hard floor or dust mites on the carpet, this brush will do it all. The mite removal brush is specifically for removing mites on pillows, quilts, and clothes.
  • A Swappable battery comes with an extra swapping battery for a longer running time of more than 2 hours. With this, you don’t have to stop your cleaning midway to recharge the battery. It also comes with a dual charging and wall-mountable storage dock for both batteries’ easy charging at a go.
  • 4 working modes – there are 4 different working modes- Eco Mode, Med Mode, Auto Mode, and Turbo Mode. This helps optimize the cleaning power and time, depending on what you are cleaning.
  • 0.6-liter dust cup – large capacity dust cup is detachable for easy emptying and cleaning.

Apart from all the above features, Dream T20 has a low noise level and weighs only 3.65lbs. It’s easy to use and carry around in your trunk if you are traveling and need to do some cleaning wherever you are going.

About the company

Dreame Technology is a subsidiary of Xiaomi with offices in China. The company focuses on manufacturing home cleaning appliances with innovative technology that makes cleaning as effortless as possible.

Considering the current range of smart cleaning products under the Dreame’s name, one can only hope its upcoming powerful cordless cleaner delivers. While the price is currently on a discount at $229, the MPR price of 349 is not far off from well-know brands with such products, like the Bissell ICONPet cordless cleaner or the Oreck vacuum cleaner.