Éole, The Elegant Carbon Folding Electric Bike

Image @Morfuns Bicycle, Indiegogo

October 2020, Newark, US – Morfuns Bicycle is introducing a fun and elegant bicycle, Éole that kind of makes it hard for any bike fun to say no.

Éole is a super light, electric, foldable, and lightweight carbon fiber bicycle with some eyecatching colors that are bound to catch a few eye glances. Éole is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo with 63 backers and $101,480 raised against the $15,000.

The team is currently has a working prototype, with shipping for the final product expected to begin in December 2020.

What does Éole that sets it apart from the rest of the electric bikes in the market? For starters, the bike has a carbon fiber frame, which makes it very lightweight. It weighs about 1.1kgs, while the foldable hitch weight only 0.8kgs.

The seat post has a 7.0Ah battery, which offers about 50kms when using the pedestal assist model.

There is the Éole C, where the C represents comfortable and convenient. The Éole S is the sport version, which is also lightweight with a total weight of 12.8kgs. The Éole S is actually lighter than the Éole C, which has a total weight of 15.8kgs.

Both models can accommodate a weight of up to 100kgs and use a Samsung 36V 7.0Ah Seatpost battery.

Both models also use the 100-240 smart charger that takes about three hours to fully charge the battery.

Some of the differences include the range, where the Éole C has a range of 45kms and the Éole S jas a range of 50kms. The C uses a speed sensor but the S model uses a Torque sensor.

Here’s a breakdown of all the features for both the Éole C and Éole S:

Pros and Cons

Éole bicycle has an adjustable height of 150cm to 195cm, which suits many individuals. Just adjust the seat according to your height and you are good to go. It also has an LCD display for information like speed and power level.

The bicycles also come in three different colors, so its a bit easy for you to pick a favorite color, or close to. It comes with accessories like a charger, toolkit, and kickstand.

Perhaps the sweetest deal is the stretch goal offers where Morfuns Bicycles offers some items when they reach a certain goal. So far, any purchase one makes will come with a Morfuns helmet and a front bag after the company reached a stretch goal of $50,000.00 and $100,000.00

One of the disadvantages is that you have to wait to try this bike. The shipping for early offers is slotted for December 2020 while Indiegogo offers will be shipped in January 2020.

Second, items like a portable electric pump will come at an extra price, if you already don’t have one. Unless the company reaches a stretch goal of $250,000.00, then you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

An early bird offer will cost you $1259.00 while Indiegogo offer is $1399. The prices are still a bit more affordable than the C**bo Model S from the same company, which goes for $1899.00. While this price is within the range of some electric and foldable models like Loke and CHJ, it’s still a little bit more affordable than other brands like the Lang Tu.

The team

Morfuns Technology is a design and mobility company with over 8 years of experience in the industry. Since 2013, the company has manufactured and launched a couple of electric and foldable bicycles. Morfuns has also managed to sell 20,000+ electric and foldable Al-Alloy frame bicycles.

The Éole bicycle is the first carbon fiber frame bicycle the company has designed, where the 3D-printed mold and the first frame sample were released in March and July 2020. For anyone interested in crowdfunding for the Éole bicycle through Indiegogo, the project has less than a week to go. The first batch of shipment is expected to start in December.