Flynova Pro Boomerang Spinner With Infinite Tricks

Image @Indiegogo

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Playing does not only helps with a bit of physical exercise but also your mental health. A few minutes of playtime can help you relax and reduce any levels of tension. The Flynova Pro is a boomerang spinner that offers infinite tricks for children and anyone in need of embracing their inner child.

Flynova, the company behind the Flynova Pro, currently has a campaign running on Indiegogo. The campaign has 4,033 backers, a few weeks left to end, and has raised $332,782.00.

About Flynova Pro

Flynova Pro is a motorized flying spinner with climbing, floating, and spinning capabilities. Using its voice command controls, you can control its every move using your voice. It also has numerous acrobatic moves that you can use to light up your room. It has three neon lights, red, blue, and green.

The Flynova Pro comes with an optional magic controller that gives you more control to fly it as high as 49-feet above the ground. The magic controller uses a target-seeking and infrared sensing magnet.

It’s tested for safety to ensure children can have long hours of entertainment, and you can stay worry-free. While at it, children can learn new skills like coordinating their eyes and hands.

No matter where you are, indoors or outdoors, Flynova Pro is the playing toy you and children can use to kill time. With its high-flying skills, one can play with it from rooftops and long-distance locations with other friends.

It’s quite easy to use. One only needs to power it using the power button, hold it upwards, give it a shake, and toss it around to discover all its endless tricks.

  • Fun and secure – it uses a spherical design and a hard to break protective case with soft and light material for safety when grabbing
  • Flies like a boomerang
  • Fast charging – fast charges in 25 minutes
  • 30 minutes of battery life
  • Drop-resistant
  • Magic controller
  • Dynamic light effects

Flynova Pro’s features prove to be a great improvement from the previous model, the Flynova. The previous model had a flying saucer design and weighed less, but the battery had a shorter life of only 10 minutes. The previous model could also fly high, but only to 29 feet rather than 49 feet of the Flynova Pro. While the Flynova has the boomerang and air suspension capabilities, it lacks the sudden acceleration, magnet absorption, and a magic controller.

The estimated shipping time is October 2020. The early bird price is $34.00, while the magic controller wand goes for $15.00.

About the Time

Flynova is the company behind the designing and engineering of catchy toys. The team’s dream is to offer relaxation and a way for individuals to have fun and build friendships, whether at work or at home. Flynova has an R&D center in Los Angeles, USA, but the production center is in China.

There are also other flying and colorful toys in the market you can consider, like the Xinhome and the Obuby. These toys are more affordable than Flynova Pro. But if you’re looking for a playing toy that’s not drone operated and offers more playing tricks, Flynova Pro could be a great toy.