Garrnish Brings You a Solution For Cleaning Pesticides Off Veggies And Fruits

Garrnish Pesticide Purifier
Image @Garrnish, Kickstarter

Do you feel like you are always ingesting pesticides from your veggies and fruits, no matter how much you try to wash them off? That’s probably because regular washing doesn’t get rid of all the pesticides. 

Despite having solutions to this, like sprayers and washers, the FDA recommends using alternative methods because these are as ineffective at ridding your delicacies off pesticides as handwashing. And, not everyone has access to organic produce. Most importantly, we are never a hundred percent that the foods branded as organic are really organic. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Garrnish is promising to help with that, thanks to their pesticide purifiers. While it might not be possible to remove all the pesticide traces from your foods, with Garrnish, you can get rid of up to 90% of the common pesticide toxins. It also promises to remove up to 99% of Dichlorvos and Chlorpyrifos pesticides. 

How does this gadget do it? 

Garrnish uses the electrolysis process, which is the process of splitting water molecules to form H+ and OH- ions. Separately, it leads to the creation of an alkaline environment. When it happens, you will start to see bubbles forming inside the Garrnish basin. Together with the chlorine in your water, these ions will break the benzene layer and other molecular chemical structures in the pesticide on the food. Breaking them apart means the pesticide is no longer toxic and can easily wash away. 

Does your water lack chlorine? The good thing is that you do not have to add chlorine yourself. How much of your high school science do you remember? In the absence of chlorine, you can add salt into your water in the Garrnish. Remember that salt is also referred to as sodium chloride, and a tablespoon of your table salt will replace the missing chlorine. 

Garrnish is pretty easy to use. Add water into the basin (and salt if your water has no chlorine), the produce you want to clean, and switch it on. Ensure that you stir the items in the Garrnish occasionally while it is still on. It is safe for you to do this without getting electric shocks.

Garrnish is waterproof with IPX7, meaning the water does not damage it. It also helps save water. You only need to put enough into the basin for the first wash, and you can run a rinse. Compared to the amount of water you would have used to clean each fruit or veggie, this is a significant saving option. 

It is also easy to clean after use. It uses a wireless charging mode and folds for cleaning and storage. With such a design, you really don’t need much kitchen counter space. 

Is the gadget trustworthy? According to the company, test results from SGS, a leading test lab in Switzerland, shows that it removes over 99% of pesticides within 10 minutes. 

For $269.00, 43% off the retail price of $299.00, you can get yourself a Garrnish from the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page with free shipping. However, with a few weeks left to the end of the campaign and fewer Early Bird, Special Garrnish’s to grab, you could miss your chance for the 43% discount. However, you can settle for the Kickstarter Special price of $199.00, which gets you a 33% discount. 

Luckily, there are other options, especially if you are unwilling to wait for the September 2021 shipping date. Other gadgets available on sites like Amazon include Best Life Washer, Aries Produce Washer and, Dental Family Sterilizer, which have a lower RRP price than Garrnish.

About The Team 

The Garrnish is a California-based team with 8 years of experience working on air purification items. The aim of founding the company was to use their expertise and skills in developing purification solutions for healthy foods.