GigaDrive Unveils a New and Fast External SSD on Indiegogo

Data storage is one of the essentials in this era, and having gadgets that are fast to transfer data and offer a large memory capacity is becoming important. 

There are many gadgets to choose from, and companies are creating newer models now and then. 

GigaDrive is launching a new external storage gadget in the market, which is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. With only a few days to go, you still have an opportunity to back the project.

Should You Back the Project? 

The shipping is scheduled to start in July 2021, but if you do not mind backing the project, this is what you can expect: 

It is hyperfast with speeds up to 2800MB/s. This makes it at least 18-times faster than the usual HDD storage devices. 

IP67 proofing – makes it resistant against dust, water, and shock even if it falls from 10ft high. 

Allows you to save data from your PC, mobile phones, laptops, drones, and cameras

Has anti-overheat protection to prevent overheating when transferring large amounts of data. This also helps in reducing throttles during the transfer. 

It stores raw data in real-time from your cameras like Blackmagic in 8K without the need for additional devices like computers or software. This makes it an excellent storage system for photographers and videographers to use as they go without having to worry about running out of storage space. 

With the high speed and ample storage space, you can use the GigaDrive for your gaming. Most modern games use heavy graphics, requiring a lot of storage space on your PC or computer. The GigaDrive enables you to free a lot of space from your machines, which can help reduce its slowing speed. 

Also, the device is super safe, thanks to the encryption feature. While it is an optional feature, it can help you protect your data from unauthorized people. 

GigaDrive comes in three storage capacities, which are all large capacities. You can choose between the 1TB, 2TB, and the 4TB (which now 8TB) for all your storage needs. Plus, the device is compact, lightweight, and small compared to other large SSD devices. You can easily carry it on your palm or place it safely in the small storage pockets in your bag. It is also has a sleek and unique design that looks like a spaceship with tiny notches. 

You will need $359.00 for the GigaDrive Pro 4TB to back the project, a 48% off the retail price of $699.00. The 1TB device goes for $153.00 while the 2TB costs $219.00, a 48% and 50% discount off the retail prices of $299.00 and $438.00 simultaneously. 

There are many options to choose from on sites like Amazon. There are a few options with such large capacities, small and lightweight, and lower cost than the GigaDrive offers even at the crowdfunding price. For instance, Sabrent’s Rocket Nano 2TB goes for $279.98 on Amazon, while the SSK 1TB costs $115.99.

About the Team

GigaDrive is a product designed by three team members with years of experience in engineering and design. The founder, Xianglin Chen, is an electronic engineer with 6 years of experience in hardware circuit design.