HomeRunPet Introduces Drybo Plus For Drying Pets Calmly

Drybo Plus

Are you a pet parent? Then you probably know how challenging it gets when it is time to clean your little furry friend. You are either dealing with scratches and fur all over your home, not forgetting how tiring it can get holding your pet for long periods to dry them. 

Now, Drybo Plus is here and promising to make this a hands-free experience for you and keep your cat extra comfortable during the whole process. Unfortunately, while Drybo is available on Indiegogo at $239.00 for the Super Early Bird price, you will have to wait a little longer to get your hands on the gadget. 

HomeRunPet, the company behind Drybo Plus, will start shipping in March 2022. For now, you have a few weeks to back the crowdfunding campaign and save about $360.00 off the RRP price of $599.00.

About Drybo Plus

This is an automatic pet drying cabin that doubles as a smart bed. It works by producing warm air and distributes it evenly within the cabin. This way, every part of your pet is dried in a short time (45 minutes). 

Drybo Plus will save you the hassle it takes to handy dry your pet, either with a towel or a dryer. While these methods have been working, they are tedious, uncomfortable for the pet, and leaves your home with endless fur all over the place. 

Drybo Plus is customizable, allowing you to make the environment as comfortable as your pet can get. Like humans, pets have different levels of comfort when it comes to temperatures and other issues. Customizing Drybo Plus, you can set the best temperature level and speed for drying your pet, as well as the time. 

Controlling the gadget is also pretty easy, with the two available options. You can do all the controls right on the control panel or go digital with the available app. 

Apart from drying your pet, Drybo Plus will also leave them moisturized and with a shiny, fluffy coat. This is because the device has negative ions that draw moisture from the air around. This, in return, leaves the air within the device with ions rich in moisture. These will penetrate the pet’s coat, ensuring that every strand of fur is shiny and healthy. 

For safety features, the device has accidental touch protection. In addition, it ensures that Drybo Plus does not turn on by accident when touched by children or other pets. It also has intelligent heat control, providing the environment doesn’t get too hot for your pet. Instead, it has a warm but cool breeze environment, ensuring your lovely pet doesn’t feel chilly after a warm bath. 

Are you worried about your pet’s calmness inside Drybo Plus? It comes with a magnetic calming diffuser for keeping your anxious cat as calm as possible during the whole process. It is odorless, and you can choose one for your cat or dog. It also comes with a side handle for portability. 

While this is the first campaign by HomeRunPet, the Drybo Plus is an advanced device of the first Drybo device. 

About the Team

HomeRunPet is a China-based pet technology company founded by individuals with extensive experience in R&D. It designs and produces devices for pets that make the life of pets and their owners simpler.

You can contact them through hi@homerunpet.com