JMGO Launches a New Smart LED Projector O1 Pro

The world of home entertainment is a forever growing industry with endless options and digitization of gadgets. In the past decade, we have seen a high rise in portable projectors for home entertainment. These enable you to enjoy a theatre-like movie experience from your home or as you travel.

JMGO, an R&D company, is introducing its latest development, the O1 Pro smart LED projector. The product is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, reaching its goal, and has some days to the end of the campaign. 

Should you back the projects? Here’s everything you need to know about the product:

About O1 Pro

JMGO 01Pro is pretty compact and lightweight, allowing you to move around with the device for instant entertainment. You can use it just about anywhere, from your office to the bedroom, study room, or living room. 

The ultra-short-throw design allows one to enjoy ultra-clear 4K picture quality images on a large screen from 9-inches away. In addition, it is built with Dynaudio speakers that deliver a cinematic sound experience. 

The intelligent auto image correction that uses wall color calibration ensures the brightness and display colors adjust in real-time for optimal viewing. In addition, O1 Pro has the self-developed Zero Perception Intelligent System that enables Auto Keystone Correction. This, in return, adjusts the display shape and the use of its Auto-Focus Algorithm to subtly but instantly images without any input from you. 

Another important feature is the enhanced intelligent anti-glare. It has a diffuse reflection that eliminates spotlighting. Its Low Blue Light Mode activates automatically with the corresponding content. 

The built-in Alexa feature allows for voice control. Luna OS features provide a 24/7 companion. You can turn any wall of your home into an information hub for weather reports, movies, music visualizers, art exhibitions, or a messaging board. 

O1 Pro is a versatile gadget with universal compatibility to ensure you can connect to just about any ecosystem. The universal input and output ports allow you to connect the projector to your smartphone, laptop, desktops, and tablets. 

Other features include:

  • High image quality of 1920*1080P
  • Large screen size of 70” to 100”
  • LED power source – 45,000 hours lifespan 

You can back the project with the Early Bird price of $899.00, a 37% discount off the RRP of $1432.00. Shipping is expected to start for all worldwide deliveries in September 2021. However, there are options if you feel the price is a little too steep or can’t wait for September. For example, ViewSonic’s M2e projector is available on Amazon at a more friendly price of $539.19, while Xgimi Mogo Pro Plus costs $659.99.

About The Team

JMGO is a design and product development company established in 2011 and focuses on smart home entertainment spaces. JMGO manufacturers portable projectors, laser projectors, and pico projectors with Android OS and unique exterior designs. Since then, it has released several products into the market, including three laser TV models, smart projectors, and several accessories. You can get some of its existing products through its website, Amazon, Aliexpress, or Authorised Dealers. See the company’s website for more details.