Kailo Introduces A More Affordable And Flexible Pain Patch

Kailo Introduces a More Affordable And Flexible Pain Patch

Pain management is a prevalent issue that affects numerous people. Unfortunately, the chances of drug addiction from pain relief medication is also another issue that has affected many people suffering from chronic pain. But thanks to technology and science, there are now options for pain relief that are drug-free.  

One of those products is the Kailo Pain Patch. It is a reusable drug-free patch you place on your body for pain relief. It uses a mix of conducting and semiconducting products for capacitors that help transmit and receive electromagnetic waves. These interact with the body’s electric system, and the nerve system responds, leading to pain relief. The patch has also been clinically studied and is FDA-registered. 

While Kailo Labs LLC already has a Pain Patch on the market, it is now crowdfunding for a more affordable, flexible, and softer pain patch, Kailo Flex. Like the original Kailo Patch, Kailo Flex is a drug-free pain reliever. In addition, it is made using the same technology as the original patch.

  • Ergonomic design 
  • Better adhesion for more effortless and comfortable wearing on any body part
  • Waterproofing for wearing during the wet season or when showering. It also allows for cleaning to ensure one always uses a clean patch. 
  • Softer edges 

Although Kailo Flex has added features and is priced lower than the original Kailo Pain Patch, it is not hard to miss the few changes. The original Kailo Pain Patch has multi-layered construction for durability. As such, it can last you for up to 12 months. Kailo Flex is a dynamic flex single-layer. You can use it for one to two months. 

Is it as affordable as the original one? Perhaps not. The original Kailo Pain Patch retails at $119.00, while Kailo Flex will retail at $49.99. If one were to replace their patch every 2 months, it means spending $299.94 a year. Still, for someone not suffering from chronic pain and who doesn’t have to use the pain patch frequently, Kailo Flex could be a good choice for pain relief if its crowdfunding campaign results are anything to go by. The campaign still has a few weeks to go, but has already raised about 889% of its goal. 

Kailo Flex Pain Patch is selling on its crowdfunding page on Indegogo at an Early Bird price of $34.00, a 32% discount off its retail price. Shipping is set for June 2022. Kailo Labs LLC is a USA-based company founded in 2018 with the goal of using innovative technology to relieve pain.