La Mansio: The All In One Bag For Your Office And Travel

La Mansio
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What would you give to have a one-in-all bag? For women, having a bag that suits all their needs, from office to casual and party use, is a dream come true. But few bags manage to pull that off. 

La Mansio is promising to sort all your bag needs. And, if the backing from its crowdfunding campaign is anything to go by, it looks like a promising product. So, what does La Mansio Have that’s making it such a hot cake?

About La Mansio

La Mansio is priding itself as the provider of a reliable bag for the active woman. As such, it has designed a 6-in-1 bag. You can use it as a backpack, handbag, or shoulder bag at the same time. 

Other features include:

  • A secret pocket for your personal items, like mobile phones, passports, and such essentials
  • Wet clothes pocket. This is an excellent addition for a traveler. If you have any wet clothes, you can pack them separately, ensuring they do not soil the rest of your items.
  • A laptop case for secure carrying of your laptop
  • Camera cube, making it an excellent bag for a content creator. This allows you to bring your camera along without worrying about its safety. 
  • Padded straps- helps relieve your shoulders when you have heavy luggage 
  • A luggage pass-through that allows you to attach La Mansio to your travel suitcase 

Are you planning to grab some coffee or get into a small meeting and only need to carry your laptop? The laptop sleeve is detachable with a detachable cover to keep your laptop protected. Additionally, it has several pockets you can use to carry other items, like documents and accessories. It also has strap buckles, allowing you to carry it like a handbag. 

If you are staying fit and going to the gym or yoga studio, La Mansio will save you from carrying your yoga mat by hand. It comes with straps at the bottom that you can use to strap your yoga mat safely to the bag for stress-free and secure carrying.   

La Mansio comes in four models. The Balck Saffiano and Toscana are made from natural leather, while the Heritage Brown is made from full-grain leather. For vegans, you can get the Vegan Saffiano bag without any guilt. The bag comes with a vegan-based option. This is made from natural rubber. While these models have different colors and sources of natural leather, they are all water-repellent and scratch-resistant. 

The La Mansio bag is set to sell at a retail price of $395.00. However, you can back the project with the Early Bird Flash price of $255.00 and the Kickstarter Regular price of $299.00 for one La Mansio bag. However, these do not come with other add-ons. For additional content, like the laptop sleeve, compression cube, and camera cube, you can back the crowdfunding campaign at $355.00. 

While the delivery is set for December 2021, you still have a few weeks to back the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. 

About The Team 

La Mansio team comprises three founders who have experience in marketing & communication, production & fulfillment, product design & branding.