LaserPecker Unveils The Upgraded LaserPecker 2 Laser Engraver

LaserPecker 2 Laser Engraver
Image @LaserPecker, Kickstarter

The world of laser engraving has evolved over the years, and thanks to this, getting a compact and less bulky laser engraver is getting easier. On the forefront of bringing compact laser engravers to the market is LaserPecker, with its first laser engraving machine already in the market.

LaserPecker has introduced its second generation of laser engravers, with its crowdfunding project already up and running on Kickstarter. LaserPecker 2 promises an easy interface that professionals, hobbyists, and anyone interested in starting engraving can pick up and use.

For starters, you can connect it to your smartphone and transfer any images you would like to engrave on objects from there. It is fast, something that many laser engravers in the market are missing, with a speed of 600mm/s. The equipment also features 3 different engraving options, 1k, 1.3k, and 2k. This offers better-detailed engravings.

Another feature to note is the preview speed of 3750mm/s, which is fast and allows you to see in advance what your engraving will look like. You can preview your engravings in both graphic and square modes.

With LaserPecker’s rotating capabilities, you can count on it to engrave cylindrical objects, and in no time, too. It rotates at 360°, which comes in hand when you need to engrave not just cylindrical items but curvy and uneven surfaces.

Another thing to note about this gadget is possibly the ability to engrave on long or larger objects. It has an Auxiliary Booster, which has a supersized engraving surface of 100*2000mm. This allows you to engrave objects with a length of up to 2 meters as easily as you can engrave smaller items.

Most importantly, there is hardly any limit to what you can engrave. LaserPeccker handles most, if not all, types of material – from wood to leather, plastic, food, bamboo, glass, ceramic, stone, acrylic, paper, among others. It has more engraving options than a laser cutting machine. Below is a snapshot of the variances between the two devices:

Perhaps the top advantage of LaserPecker 2 is its portability and ability to connect it to a LaserPecker power bank. With this, you can take it with you whenever you want, plus a power bank as a source of power for any of your engraving needs.

Its laser cutter is also powerful. It has a 5W semiconductor and the ability to cut on items with a thickness of about 5mm in seconds.

It is also worth noting this laser engraver’s safety measures, from the blue light filter cover protecting the eyes to the preset password and an emergency stop button to ensure you have total control. In addition to these, the LaserPecker 2 will also stop automatically in case of any tilting, vibrating, or overheating.

Should You Back The Crowdfunding Campaign?

When deciding to back the crowdfunding project, the question to ask is whether the features of the machine and its price offer you any benefits.

On the price front, there is still a Christmas Special price of $599.00, which is a 30% discount off its retail price of $849.00. However, the package comes with LaserPecker, protecting goggles, a protective shield, and an electric supporting track. The Christmas price is higher than the Special price and will cost you $799.00, 24% off the retail price of $1,049. While this includes the other extra items in the Christmas Special package, it also has an auxiliary booster.

There are certainly less costly laser engravers in the market, but most are mini-engraving machines and do not work on large or cylindrical items. An excellent example of this is the MYSWEETY and the WAINLUX mini-engravers available on Amazon. Others that offer half-as many features as LaserPecker 2 but at a lower price are still in the range of bulky and non-portable, like the ORTUR and GanGou laser engravers on Amazon.

If the products available now do not offer you the features and benefits you need from a laser engraver, you can consider backing the project. However, you will also have to wait for a few months for the delivery since shipping will start in March 2021.

About The Team

LaserPecker was founded in 2017 by a group of developers and designers to use their collective experiences to bring about cutting-edge innovations. Since then, the team has been active in delivering products in the consumer electronics niche. The team’s first product, LaserPecker Pro, was crowdfunded successfully on Kickstarter in 2019.