Lasunit Unveils Lasbottle, The 4-in-1 Liquid Dispenser

Traveling light is a dream for minimalist travelers. But it can be hard to achieve, especially with toiletries, not forgetting that most of the bottles used for traveling like shampoos and lotions are not recyclable. These end up in water bodies or landfills, increasing pollution levels.

Lasunit has launched the Lasbottle, a 4-in-1 reusable dispense for travel liquids. Apart from the 4-in-1 design that allows one to pack four refillable capsules with preferred liquids, here are the other features it offers:

  • With just a rotation of the top side, you can access your preferred liquid
  • Uses the backflow system that causes a vacuum in the spout, which in return pulls the liquid back in the residuals back into the capsule with no spouts or spills
  • Small and lightweight weighing only 5.1ounces and accommodates 45ml capsules
  • Durable ABS outer cover that withstands impacts from a fall or bump
  • Inner capsules are made from PP and PET when are resistant to corrosion and are degradable
  • Has a spill-proof design to ensure there are no spills
  • Sticker labels for labeling, which makes it easy for one to spot the preferred liquid they want to use
  • The size is TSA approved so that you can carry it in your carryon
  • The components are easy to disassemble for easy cleaning and refilling
  • The package comes with a brush and filling funnel for thorough cleaning and refilling without spillage
  • Has a wall-hooker for hanging anywhere you need to access the Lasbottle easily

What can you pack in these capsules? Any personal usage liquids like lotions, sauce, shampoo, body wash, hand-sanitizers, detergents, or hair gels, among others. And it’s not just personal use items; you can also use it for cooking ingredients like cooking oil, soy sauce, or vinegar. With this, you can always park your preferred seasoning ingredients when going for a picnic, hiking, camping, and other trips.

The super early bird sale has a 46% discount selling at $19.00 instead of the retail price of $35.00. The Lasbottle comes in two colors, black and white. It also has a wood grain version, which will cost you an extra $8.00. In case you need additional refilling capsules, you can get a pack of four at $6.00.

The production and shipping are set for January 2021. There are other options available in the market, like the Chivenido and Joom dispenser bottles. However, these seem a bit bulky than the Lasbottle. If you are an eco user and are willing to wait, you could back the Lasbottle project. If not, you can go with other available options in the market, some with different designs.

About Lasunit

Lasunit is an LA-based company that focuses on the production of eco-friendly products. The goal is to produce recyclable products rather than disposable ones, which can serve one for a long time, and reduce waste in landfills. The team is made up of members.