LensCleaner’s New Gadget Promises Hands-Free Lens Cleaning

Image@ LensCleaner, Kickstarter

New Jersey, August 2021; LensCleaner releases a lens cleaning gadget that allows for hands-free lens cleaning of all types and styles of lenses. 

LensHD, a lens cleaning gadget by LensCleaner, is believed to be the first of its kind. Unlike the everyday cleaning items that include liquid and wipers, LensHD is compact equipment with wheel-like gears. 

With it, you can remove dust and fingerprints from your lenses. While it cleans using gears, you do not have to worry about scratches or leftover traces of microfiber clothes covers. It is also quite easy to operate, with a push-button for operating. The process is short and only takes about a minute. 

How does it work? You spray the gears using a lens cleaning liquid, insert the glasses inside LensHD, close the gadget, and press start. LensHD’s gears use an off-centered rotating pattern. It ensures that the gears clean every edge of the glasses, just like you would with your hands. The only difference is that it cleans the lens better than you would with your hands. 

The sponges on the gears are also cleanable to ensure they are as effective as they need to be. All you have to do is remove and clean them with water. LensHD is compact, making it possible for one to carry it around. 

While the patent for the equipment is still pending, you can still get ahead of the product release and order your LensHD in advance. The project is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter at a super early price of $79.00 or an early bird price of $89.00. The packaging also comes with an eco-friendly material. 

Other alternatives to LensHD are ultrasonic lens cleaners. These are readily available in the market but are not as effective as the LensHD. Some of the best alternatives include Venussar, mUGLE, and Kunphy. While these are not as effective at cleaning your glasses as LensHD, they are also quite versatile. These ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean other items, like earrings, watches, bracelets, dentures, and other jewelry items. 

About The Team

LensCleaner is a New Jersey-based startup. The founders broke from Cardlax company to found a brand that designs and develops simple and effective products. The LensCleaner team is made up of five members, including the founder Paul Joseph McCracken.