Linsoul Audio Launches Peacock Flight Wireless Earbuds

Peacock Flight Wireless Earbuds
Image @Peacock Audio, Kickstarter

Linsoul and Peacock Audio have launched Peacock Flight on Kickstarter, a set of true wireless earbuds. 

Wireless headphones have become a great welcome for audio lovers, thanks to the lack of wires. They provide more freedom and versatility, especially when working out, traveling, or just working in the office. With renowned brands like Sony, Bose, and Samsung already playing in the market, smaller players have been providing less costly solutions for customers. 

Peacock Audio is one of these players, and its new set of earbuds is the Peacock Flight true wireless earbuds. So, what does it offer? 

Specs for the earbuds include:

  • 3D smart touch controls — for playing, pausing, changing to previous or next song, or caching volume. The touch controls also allow you to answer, hang up, and reject calls.
  • IPX4 waterproof — for safe use when exercising, with splashes and light rain. 
  • Intelligent noise reduction 
  • Binaural call 
  • Bluetooth 5.2 — helps in reducing the latency experience while keeping your calls stable. 
  • HiFi acoustic sound quality 
  • Memory pairing 
  • Low power consumption — the battery can last up to 6 hours on active listening from a single charge. 

While a single charge might not last all day, you can extend the listening time to 24 hours with the accompanying charging case. It has a 200mAh battery you can use to charge the earbuds while on the go. The case is fast-charging with the ability to get a full charge within 30 minutes. It’s also equipped with overcharge protection. 

What makes these stand out is the array of hand-painted colors and their design. For starters, every Flight earbud is handcrafted, from the molding of its shell to the wiring of its drivers. On the variety of colors and designs, Peacock Flight Earbuds are available in:

  • White Gold
  • Pearl Pink 
  • Black Gold 
  • Purple Blue 
  • Peacock 

The earbuds use Qualcomm’s Clear Voice Capture (CVC 8.0). It helps in filtering noise from the background, reducing it up to 30dB of unwanted sounds. Unfortunately, while this might reduce the noise to make your calls clearer, Flight earbuds lack active noise-canceling that you’d get from some competitors at that price point. 

The earbuds come with ear tip designs that ensure they don’t fall off even when you are under intense workouts for the secure fitting. The earbuds are also made from medical-grade silicone, making them safe for your skin. In addition, they are ultra-lightweight with an ergonomic shell for secure and snug-fitting. 

Peacock Flight wireless earbuds are still available on Kickstarter’s crowdfunding campaign at a Super Early Bird price tag of $09.00. The set retail price is $159.00. However, with $149.95, you could get the Beats Studio Buds wireless and noise-canceling earbuds from Amazon.

About the Team 

Linsoul is an audio company based in China. It was founded in 2016 by the Crazy HiFi team to provide audio products to audiophiles and music lovers.