LIVALL Brings a New Smart Helmet With 360 Active Protection

LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet
Image @LIVALL, Indiegogo

June 2021, Shenzhen, China; Livall add a new helmet gadget to their collection of smart helmets.

The world of helmets has come a long way. And it has not been left behind with all the technological advancements. Now, you can easily connect your helmet to your smart devices via WiFi, Bluetooth and even use voice assistance features like Alexa and Google Assistance. 

In the end, smart helmets have done better than makes one’s cycling or riding experience more efficient but safer. Smart helmets have helped reduce accidents, and there are numerous options out here to choose from. There is no reason as to why we should not all upgrade to smart helmets. 

And one of those options for smart helmets is LIVALL EVO21. The China-based company was established in 2014 and already has several cycling and ski helmet in the market. The EVO21 helmet is its latest invention. 

With shipping expected from July 2021 and a few weeks to the end of the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, you still have time to decide whether the project is worth backing. 

The LIVALL EVO21’s features include:

  • Super bright – offers a 360° visibility coverage so everyone around you can see you coming. 
  • A color-changing front light with a wide angle of 45° for maximized coverage allows you to keep your head low for maximum speed.
  • 270° super-bright rear light 
  • Turn signals that provide better visibility in all directions 
  • Automatic brake warning light 
  • 10-hour battery life that allows you to use the helmet all week long, depending on your usage. 
  • Maximum ventilation – has 30% more ventilation than other helmets, giving you more breathability and reduces sweating. 
  • Ultralight – weighs only 350g for more prolonged and comfortable rides. 
  • Patented fall detection and SOS system that sends an alert to your emergency contact if it detects a fall
  • IPX5 waterproof for safe usage during the rainy season 
  • It comes in 4 colors – match your style with Mint, Dark Night, Ultraviolet, and Snow.
  • Sunglasses holder 
  • Adjustable tension for perfect fitting 
  • Handlebar remote 
  • Magnetic charger 

In case of a fall, the helmet is well built to withstand severe impact. It has three layers, the top protective PC shell, an EPS impact-absorbing liner, and a lower protective PC shell. 

Its LED lights also have an auto-adjusting feature, allowing them to adjust the brightness level to adapt to the road you are riding on. Also, once you turn on the lights, the EVO21 will handle everything else for you, including powering down when you remove the helmet. 

The LIVALL App is also available. You can use it to track the helmet’s battery life, track new cycling routes, monitor your fitness, and be part of a riding community. 

Should you back the project? 

For starters, the EVO21 was awarded the iF Gold Award in 2021, a mark of great design. LIVALL has also been producing helmets since 2014. there is some hope in backing a product from an already established company and has several products in the market. 

The Early Bird Price on Indiegogo is $89.00, saving you $40.00 from the marked retail price of $129.00. It also comes with a warranty. 

Are there other smart helmet options? Yes. If you are looking for anything that is not a LIVALL helmet, there are several brand options. Not all options cost more than the LIVALL EVO21. For instance, R1 Smart Communications Helmet has the same retail price as the LIVALL EVO21 of $129.00. However, the R1 EVO Smart Helmet is more expensive at $159.00, while the Lumos offers various smart helmets with prices ranging from $179.95 to $249.95.


LIVALL is an innovative tech company that focuses on smart sporting equipment. The company already has several products in the market,s mostly smart cycling and skiing helmets. The company is currently looking to expand its product base to smart helmets for E-bikes, Electronic motorbikes, and E-Scooters. Its headquartered in Nanshan Dist., Shenzhen, China. Learn more about the company from