Lunoji Promises To Make Dog Treats Safe And Clean With Chewden

Lunoji Promises To Make Dogs Treats Safe And Clean With Chewden

The pet industry is estimated to have a value of about $99 billion, with about $38 billion being from pets treats and food. Lunoji’s entry into the market is with Chewden; a device meant to make dog treats interactive, safe, and clean. 

With its valid question like, “your dog eats and drinks from a bowl, so why do treats belong on the floor?”, it is not hard to see why the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has reached its goal and is still counting. 

Chews are great for your dog’s mental and physical stimulation. However, they are often hazardous in more than one way. For instance, when your dog chews toys or food from the floor and carpets, they are highly likely to be exposed to bacteria and other microbes. Second, you are left with a mess to clean up after, which is tedious in itself. 

Lunoji argues that chews should be fun, stimulating, and not a source of an extra chore for the dog owners. 

As such, its key features and promises:

  • Hold your dog’s chew toy in place, reducing the risk of choking.
  • Thanks to the base, you can contain the mess when the dog is feeding in one place. This makes it pretty easy to clean than having such a mess on carpet, rugs, or mats. 
  • The dog’s paws will be off the food and chew toys.
  • More extended interaction with chews and strengthening of teeth. Due to the “soft wobble” of Chewden, your dog will face a challenge using it, which lengthens its interaction with the chew. It will also encourage the dog to chew differently, ensuring the use of all teeth, especially the front teeth. 
  • To hold any type of chew, from foods to treats like duck neck, yak cheese, beef jerky, duck feet, greenies, and raw drumsticks to name just a few. The Chewden Grip comes with a high-strength Velcro strap that holds almost any chew in place. Additionally, you can customize it to meet your dog’s specific needs. 
  • Sturdy for use on any surface, thanks to its large and weighty base

Chewden is a flat base device that looks like a pan. However, it has a trove that holds its attachments together. These bowl-like attachments are where you put the dog’s treats and chews and attach them to the trove on the flat base. 

Apart from ensuring your dog is safe and you don’t have to deal with a mess, Chewden and its attachments are also easy to use and maintain. The attachments or troves are dishwasher safe and easy to handwash. 

It is also an environment-friendly item. It’s made from recycled non-toxic TPE material and stainless steel. These are also durable and provide endless recyclable capabilities. 

Chewden’s campaign on Indiegogo is still ongoing, with deliveries scheduled to start in March 2022. You can back it at $91.00, a 31% discount off its retail price. This comes with the grip, the base, and one trove. 

About the team

Lunoji is a Singapore-based startup founded by Adrian to help pets thrive well in the increasingly modern environment.