Makeblock Unveils xTool M1, a Hybrid Laser and Blade Cutter

Makeblock xTool M1
Image@ Makeblock ,Kickstarter

Makeblock is expanding its product range with the unveiling of xTool M1, a hybrid laser and blade cutter. For creators looking to maximize their creativity without having to dig too deep into their pockets, this could be the solution. This sounds like an excellent choice for small business creators at an MSRP of $1299.00, where most laser graving equipment with cutters retails at $3000+. 

Apart from saving cash with the xTool M1, what else do you get? For starters, it is smaller and compact for easier fitting on your office desk, just like you would place the small-sized home office printers. This, of course, does provide an added advantage when you compare it with other laser engraving machines in the market. 

Second, it is a piece of hybrid equipment. It integrates laser engraving, laser cutting, and blade cutting, a rare feature in such a compact piece of equipment. This feature saves you money because you do not have to buy extra equipment for laser cutting. 

It also gives you more versatility to work on a wide range of products with different materials. For instance, the laser cutter is strong enough to cut through wood, glass, ceramic, metal, and shale. On the other hand, you can work on delicate materials like fabric, vinyl, leather, paper, and iron-on with the blade. With most equipment, you have to choose between a blade cutter or a laser cutter. The xTool M1 allows you to get the best of both worlds with one gadget. 

What makes xTool M1 able to achieve such a feat and at that price point? While competitors are using CO2 for their lasers, Makeblock has resulted in using a diode laser. According to Makeblock, the diode laser is cheaper, sturdier, with a longer lifespan and a smaller laser component. 

xTool M1 also uses a FAC lens, from 0.15*0.18mm for competitors to 0.08*0.08mm, making its laser spot smaller. Still, it achieves the same power focus on a small point, achieving higher precision for its engraving. In addition, the dual laser technology, which combines two diode lasers into one module, also helps increase its engraving precision. 

Makeblock has also incorporated the xTool M1 with a 6MP camera. This allows the machine to capture designs, images, and drawing from any surface and import them into its designing software. For here, the user can play around with their creativity to customize the design as they wish. 

xTool M1 is also capable of batch processing. Its AI system automatically detects the material’s shape and processes the same item in batches at a go. 

On compatibility, you can connect it to devices operating on iOS, Windows, Android, and macOS. It connects in three modes, USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. It also supports over 10 file types, including .jpg, .dxf, .tif, and .svg. Finally, it’s multi-lingual, supporting 7 languages like English, Chinese, Russian, and Italian. 

Do you want to back Makeblock’s crowdfunding campaign? It is still available on Kickstarter with a few weeks left. xTool M1 is available in two types—the basic models 5W 10W. 

The Early Bird Price is still available at $699.00, a 40% discount off the MSRP price for the 5W model. The 10W has a Kickstarter special price of $799.00, a 38% discount.  

About the Team 

Makeblock is a China-based private technology company in Shenzhen. It started with safe laser engraving machines for children. So far, it has numerous products for kids, including coding robotic toys, DIY robots, maker tools, and STEM coding boxes. The company has since expanded its range of products from a children-based niche to a creative niche. xTool M1 is not its first laser engraving. Its range of laser products includes Laserbox Rotary, Laserbox Pro, and xTool D1.