Marjan Aubel Launches a New Solar Product

Image @Kickstarter

The use of solar energy has increased in the last decade. It is not just affordable but also a source of clean energy compared to traditional coal mining. As such, many entrepreneurs have brought about an array of solar-powered lights for just about anything, from solar garden lights to solar security lights and high-powered batteries that can light up a whole building.

One of the latest products in the market is the Sunne, a solar light by Marjan Van Aubel. What sets Sunne apart is its unique design, which is also aesthetic. The whole reason behind its design is to provide one with solar power by the night while still enjoying an elegant outlook.

All you need to do is let the Sunne hung by the window all day long. It will harvest energy from the sun and store it in its integrated battery. As the evening sets in and it starts getting darker, Sunne will start emitting the stored energy, and you will have a soft glow of light.

Design-wise, the Sunne has a long strip curve made from aluminum, shaped like a horizon. This design gives it a large surface for the solar cells to maximize solar energy saving. Sunne is also easy to use, with an on/off switch at the top side.

Alternatively, you can download the app, available on Google Play and Apple Store, and have digital and seamless control over the equipment. With the app, you can also see how much energy the Sunne is harvesting. You can also see how much charge the battery has.

It is also easy to install, with only steel wires on each end. You do not need an external plug or have a professional help you with the installation.

There are also three light settings, Sunne rise, Sunne light, and Sunne set. One can easily change from one light set to the other using the app. Sunne rise simulates in the early morning hours during sunrise with a shade of yellow and purple. Sunne Light emits a warm and cozy light that you can you for reading or relaxing. Sunne set light has a fiery glow, an excellent choice for the evenings when you are ready to settle down and unwind after a long day.

Other product specs include:

  • Weight: 2700 gram
  • Battery life: 14 hours
  • Light Specs: LED RGBW
  • Hanging system included
  • Back-up charge available if necessary
  • Materials – Anodised aluminum, opal acrylic, SunPower Solar cells, electronic board, li-ion battery, steel cables

The Sunne solar light will be available in the market from August 2021. The project is still crowdfunding on Kickstarter, although it has less than a week left). You can back the project for as little as $12.00, but this will only get you a Sunne Cream. To get the Sunne light, you will need about $893.00.

About the Team

The Sunne solar light is designed by Marjan Van Aubel, an award-winning solar-powered product designer whose innovations span design, technological and sustainability fields. The team is also made up of professionals with different skills and professional backgrounds, from engineers to designers, developers, and communication professionals.

For this project, Marjan Van Aubel and the rest of the team have partnered with ECN.TNO for the solar panels. Some of Marjan Van Aubel’s notable works include Power Plant, CurrentTable, and the Dutch Pavillion’s roof at the World Expo in Dubai back in 2020.