Mella Targets Mushroom Lovers With Home-Grown Gourmets Mushrooms

Smart Mushroom Fruiting Chamber
Image@FirstBuild, Indiegogo

Mushrooms are quite a delight for mushroom connoisseurs, more so, fresh gourmet mushrooms. But, unfortunately, growing your mushroom is never a walk in the park. This is where the Mella smart mushroom fruiting chamber comes to the rescue. 

It is a stainless steel chamber with a water reservoir, a humidity sensor, LED lights, and an automated system for air exchange and humidity. The smart controls provide your gourmet mushrooms with fresh air, close-loop humidity, and LED grow lights, an excellent environment to keep the mushrooms fresh and thriving. 

The water reservoir has a capacity of 1 gallon and drips water automatically. That way, you do not have to water your mushrooms manually now and then. A full reservoir can last at least a week before you need to refill it. 

For cleaning and ensuring the filter is fresh for each grows, it comes with a removable and reusable fan and filter. Both are easy to clean, where you only need to rinse them from your tap. The whole Mella system is also easy to maintain. Just wipe it with a damp cloth. 

Additionally, Mella has clear glass panels that you can use for viewing. This way, you can watch in fascination as your mushrooms grow right in your kitchen. 

To use, you place the fruiting blocks inside the chamber, which are available commercially. Then, attach the filled water reservoir and leave the rest to Mella. The system will automatically choose the best lighting, humidity, and air levels for your mushrooms. 

Fortunately, some commercially available fruiting blocks come pre-seeded, allowing you to choose blocks with your preferred gourmet mushroom. The chamber provides an environment for various gourmet mushrooms, from oyster and king trumpet to lion’s mane, reishi, chestnut, pioppino, and nameko. 

If you are ready to get yourself the Mella, you can back its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo at $389.00. This is an 18% discount on its planned retail price of $479.00. Shipping is expected to begin in July 2022.

About the Team

FirstBuilld is a Kentucky-based co-creation company that creates home appliances. The co-creation business strategy allows the team to get creative and innovative ideas for business appliances for people within their community, and they build those appliances. The company has 15 products on its belt at the moment. These include an ice maker, water filter, a bee house, laundry catcher, and a ventless open-hearth oven. Mella smart mushroom fruiting chamber is its latest invention and is available on pre-order through their Indiegogo campaign page.